Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mo's Humanity Revealed. Babies Weep.

The Good

I have to give it up to AJ Burnett who not having his sharpest outing still managed to limit runs and pitch a good game. 7 innings 3 runs is pretty respectable.

The Bad

While Burnett was respectable, the Yankee offense was not. Though much could be said about Texas' pitching, the Yankee offense missed some opportunities, including the 8th inning when they had Granderson at 3rd with 1 out, and could not bring him home.

The Ugly

Last night we were all faced with the humanity of Mariano Rivera. A walk and three hits led to a walk off win for the Rangers, and Mariano was left to hit the showers with a bloated 1.09 ERA, and a loss for the night. "This is a contract year." Explained Mariano. "If I don't pull it together, I don't think the Yankees will take me back. Ever."

Respect Jeter's Gangster Give to the Weeping Babies

Although the babies wept after Mariano's loss last night, there was a silver lining as A-Rod hit a homerun to tie the game early on. Since the RJG is donating $2 to the Children's Health Fund for every homerun the Yankees hit this season, that silver lining was comprised of dollar signs and healthy babies.

Posada 12hr = $24
Granderson 10hr = $20
Cano 21hr = $42
Swisher 22hr = $44
Jeter 9hr = $18
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 18hr = $36
Teixeira 26hr = $52
Thames 3hr = $6
Gardner 5hr = $10
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 3hr = $6
Curtis 1hr = $1
Total = $266


Roberto E. Alejandro said...

"Last night we were all faced with the humanity of Mariano Rivera."

Take that back!

Rich Mahogany said...

I'm just glad Girardi used Rivera when he did. Remember the school of thought that Rivera can't pitch effectively in non-save situations?