Sunday, December 19, 2010

The $23 Million Question

Due to our abject failure and humiliation in failing to sign Cliff Lee, the Yankees now have $23 million lying around that they are not sure what to do with. I have come up with the perfect solution: a trade with the Royals. Now I know what you're thinking. Grienke will never make it in New York. But I'm not talking about Grienke. No. What I'm talking about is a very different kind of trade.

Everyone knows the Royals have one of the best farm systems in baseball; a function of residing in America's heartland (it sounds romantic but it's actually kind of a $#!%hole, unless you like Meth, then it's cool). The Royals have had one of the best farm systems in baseball for ages. You know how some prospects are spoken of as 'quadruple A' players? Well KC is quadruple A.

So here's the deal. We trade KC $23 million in exchange for their entire baseball development staff. I guess it's less of a trade than a purchase of all their development personnel, but it would probably be the best possible use of that extra $23 million. Think about it. Imagine we had Johnny Damon when he broke into the league at 22 (or however old he was, I'm not going to look it up). What if we develop the next Grienke? It's a golden opportunity to turn our team into the best player development organization in baseball in addition to being the filthy richest. Alternatively, the Yankees could just give the $23 million to me. That would also be an acceptable course of action.

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