Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't Think of a Title

I think Mike Lupica has won me over. He's basically spent the last couple weeks berating the Yankees for even thinking about considering signing Cliff Lee. "The contract is too long!" said Lupica. "Too much money! Not enough payroll flexibility!" And you know what? He's right. Sure, it would be nice to have Sabathia and Lee at the top of our rotation. But will that be the case five years from now? Probably. But that's not the point. The point is that this is one less huge contract that limits us in the future.

We currently have about 7 or so players signed to long term deals, all of whom need to DH. That's not good. We can't keep living like this. Sometimes you have to look yourself in the mirror. Sometimes you have to be honest, finally stop lying to yourself, convincing yourself everything is alright. It's not. We all know it. Besides, pretty soon we'll be tying up Robinson Cano with a massive deal. We have to think about the future. Here's hoping Nova learns to pitch past the fifth inning. Here's hoping some of the kids down in Scranton show us something when they're not busy swimming around their infield. We need to get younger, faster, cheaper, more bionic.

It could be time to let more than one youngster play his way to the majors again. On our team. Not somebody else's. No more trade bait. We could sport a starting line up with Jesus Montero and a starting rotation with Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova next year. That's not a bad thing. Unless Nova blows it in April. Then I demand a trade!

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