Sunday, December 26, 2010

Concerns About Rothschild

The Yankees recently replaced pitching coach Dave Eiland with Larry Rothschild, formerly of the Cubs. I just read this article in the Daily News about Mark Prior, who along with Kerry Wood, was coached by Rothschild in Chicago. It seems then, in addition to having a lot of experience coaching pitchers, Rothschild also has experience destroying once promising phenoms. I can't say that what happened to Prior and Wood was Rothschild's fault, since clearly the manager has the final say in whether pitchers stay out there. Also, there has to be an organizational stance on protecting young pitchers, something clearly absent in Chicago during the first half of the last decade. But you still have to worry a little bit about Rothschild when you sport a rotation that may have two very young pitchers in Hughes and Nova in it, don't you?

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