Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jeter, Yankees Almost at the Finish Line

It looks like Jeter and the Yankees are incredibly close on a new deal with wildly divergent potential parameters (1, 2). In fact, sources close to the negotiations have indicated that the deal would have been completed, but no one could find a pen.

"They had just finished polishing off the final details," explained one person who was in the room during the marathon negotiations. "Cashman's all, 'So it's settled, only aloe based soaps will be left in Jeter's hotel suites during road trips.' Then he slides the contract, which he had been typing out on an old school typewriter, to Jeter and Close. Jeter's like, 'Does anybody have a pen.' Cash goes, 'I brought the typewriter.' Close is all, 'I don't use pens. I have an iPhone. Plus, it's bad chi.' At that point negotiations had to be delayed until a pen could be git gotten."

The Yankees hope to acquire a pen, preferably blue and fountain, in order to complete the negotiations today.


Uncle Mike said...

So what color are his M&M's?

Actually, that gets less funny when you go into the Stadium team store and see there ARE Yankee M&M's, but, like any other food at a ballpark/stadium/arena, they cost even more than they would at the movies!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, a day at the ballpark is like a day at the movies only there's beer at the ballpark and you're more likely to get up and buy that second hotdog. Going to a game is an expensive task.