Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will Derek Bounce Back?

So now that Jeter is officially signed, the question moves on to how Jeter will do over the foreseeable length of his contract. These 4 years could be painful to watch, or he could age gracefully and surprise us all. To guage this contract we're going to have to wait until the 4 years are up and evaluate. But now the question is, how will Jeter do next season? Will he bounce back? I for one see him improving this coming season. Will he still be a singles hitter? Yes. But I actually think he will hit .300 again next season, before we start to see his real decline. This season could be the supernova of Derek Jeter. As a star dies, it explodes into a glorious, wonderful, gigantic supernova. A final glorious display of its power and wonder. In this same way, I think this year will be one of the last if not the last year we see Jeter playing the way he used to. A glorious display of his power and wonder. After this season, I wouldn't be surprised to see him decline, but a declining Jeter will still be more productive than most shortstops out there, and that's what we'll have to take comfort in. What do you think? Will Derek bounce back next year or is he doomed to continue the decline of this season?


Anonymous said...

We will definitively bounce back:)

Derek Jeter said...

Hey guys,
This is an awesome site you have here. Really cool. Probably the best and factual blogs out there. I know that when I need yankee info I come here. I don't like that Bronny Cash Man too much to ask him. But I didn't come here to bash on his antics and I too have had numerous weird phone calls with him. I came here to say that I will do awesome next year on purpose and also lead us to another World Series. You see, last year, I had a problem at the plate mainly because A.J. started joking with me at first saying I should try for the wiffle ball team instead. As the season went on, it got in my head and he really ticked me off. You may recall the september 17th game when he pitched a quality start against the O's sporting a black eye. Im not supposed to say anything but, it was me. He pushed me too far this time when he said, "Hahahaha, Jeet is playing like Minka out there." So I popped him one and said, "Respect my gangster redneck." and of course, thats when I started to hit a little better for the rest of the season. but just wanted to reassure you guys and my fans that I will hit for a 354 average next year with 30 homeruns to top my best year. Thank you

Derek Sanderson Jeter

Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek! I respect Your Gangster Always! :D

Anonymous said...

I always suspected Jeter had something to do with that black eye; either him or Posada.