Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reeling or Thieving?

Now that the biggest free agent pitcher is off the market, the Yankees find themselves in a precarious situation. They need a pitcher, but the means by which they fix all their problems (ie. throwing money at it) is no longer available to them. The next free agent pitcher available would be Carl Pavano, and we've already thrown plenty of money at him. So are the Yankees reeling right now? Maybe not. Cashman has already spoken of his wide net, and has also mentioned that right now the Yankees are going to be patient. Other teams smell blood in the water and are driving the price up on the Yankees, but Cashman's saying that they aren't going to bite right now. Instead, much in line with his ninja nature (Teixeira signing, did anyone see that coming?), Cashman could be planning a major trade. It may not get us a Grienke or a King Felix, but maybe some other solid starting pitcher that will make this team better. A steal could even be in the works. Remember when he got us Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit? That was magic. So the Yankees may be reeling, or they may be planning the heist of the century either way we need to wait and see. Cashman did say that our team is good as is so we won't be impatient. But clearly he's bluffing seeing as we only have 3 starters right now. Pettitte would really help things out, but signing a solid number 2 guy would go a long way. Maybe we can convince Mussina to come out of retirement?

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