Monday, December 13, 2010

Clifftov Lee, Today Could be the Day

He's had a whole weekend to consider his options, crunch the numbers, weigh the pros and cons so will today be the day that Clifftov makes a decision? The options range from being boardwalk and park place with hotels rich to dinner at restaurants with no prices on the menu rich. Both are appealing, and both have draw. How do you choose? Plus, in one of the contracts the Yankees offered pizza parties for Lee and his friends for every game that Lee won, while another one offered ice cream cake on Lee's birthday and a trip to the zoo. The third contract would give Lee a gold star to put on his tote box every time he said something kind to a teammate. You have to weigh the pro's and cons.

The truth is the Yankees have the following in their favor:

-Money. They probably have the largest contract on the table.
-Contender. The Yankees are always in the mix for the post season, and when they're not, they make the moves necessary to get there. In the last 16 years, they missed the playoffs once. And the very next season they won the world series.
-Tradition. Its not just about money, the Yankees have history, and tradition on their side. Its a demanding place to play in, but that's because of all the greats who have played there. The competitive spirit wants to play in New York.

But there are benefits to playing in Texas too. He could be getting in on the ground level of a new baseball power house. With Nolan Ryan as team president, they are going to compete, and they're going to be making moves. Lee could be the anchor for that team, the defining face of the franchise. And lets face it, the Rangers aren't offering chump change either. Its also closer to his home in Arkansas. But there is risk here. The Rangers could turn out not to be the power house they hope to become. The Rangers prior financial problems could effect the team down the road more so than anticipated.

So lets see which way he goes, and here's hoping that we find out today.

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Rangers? Really, Cliff?