Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Just In: K-Rod Would Get Knocked Out By Bruney

The recent troubles between Yankees pitcher Brian Bruney and Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez has been reported widely, especially at Pete Abe's blog. The short of it is, Bruney made some comments that he probably should not have, K-Rod said some insulting things back that he probably should not have, and then when they saw each other at today's game, a scrap almost broke out, but it was intercepted by Mike Pelfrey and Jose Veras. K-Rod is an excellent pitcher, but his on the field celebrations and the way he carries himself are obnoxious. If you think Joba and Papelbon are bad, K-Rod is on a whole different level. Personally, I think baseball players shouldn't make comments about other players but what can you do. Either way, I think Bruney would have given it to K-Rod if they did go at it. K-Rod's put on a lot of weight over the years, but Bruney would have handled him.

We'll be back tomorrow with a recap of this weekends games, but for now I'll leave you with an observation that only years of baseball experience could possibly reveal: Santana got rocked.


Quinn said...

did anyone see him get in bruneys face? i was atleast 3 or 4 inches shorter. also bruney has tattoos which are scary. and well to be honest when krod fist pumps it doesnt look too hard. i think bruney would win. if the two teams got in a fight i would like to see the yankees call up shelly duncan hes really scary. but anyway one thing that bothers me is the non retaliation by the yanks this weekend. a rod hits a homer yesterday and then the next at bat gets drilled in the elbow. there was not retaliation yesterday or today. i can see why aj doesnt with the whole appeal going on right now. but why couldnt robertson hit someone? this team has to start backing their stars. oh and i love seeing johan get lit up like a christmas tree

She-Fan said...

I wonder if this will carry over into the next series in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, what a great game today!

Fred Trigger said...

Hey guys, do you mind giving me some love? I just started writing on a blog and my first order of business is getting Adam Dunn selected to the All Star Game. First prize wins a Pedroia autographed baseball.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Quinn! How's the summer treating you? I hope Duncan gets a chance at some point because he has been tearing it up in the minors. If we're looking for a DH/bench guy next season when Matsui leaves, I say we just have Shelley be on the roster.

And I agree, we need to peg more guys. Burnett can't do the job by himself.

Jane, I personally think its over. They're both professional players and can't have a feud extending for long periods of time. They probably won't be exchanging Christmas cards this year though.

Fred! I added your site to our links and put a post up. Good luck with Adam Dunn!