Friday, June 12, 2009


The Good

My brother won't have a chance to get to the game review today, which is good for him, because he won't have to relive it.

The Bad

Sorry folks, this one's on Girardi. Sabathia didn't have it in the eighth, he probably shouldn't have been sent out, and he certainly should have been taken out when he gave up a hit to Nick Green. By the time Aceves was called in, it was a very tough spot for a reliever pitching to a very good Sox team. They're patient at the plate and make you throw strikes, not a good formula for two men on and no outs.

The Ugly

This whole #@%&$ing series.

Home Run Count

I don't remember any home runs hit by us last night, but I'm a little too emotionally exhausted to even bother. I'll have my brother update the home run tally later. That's what he gets for making me do all the game reviews.


She-Fan said...

I'm not so sure I would have taken CC out. Yes, he was tired, but he had to be better than anyone we had in the pen (besides Mo). We need to beat the Mets this weekend - badly.

Fred Trigger said...

I dont know, shefan. That Aceves guy is pretty good. Tough series guys, but you're only 2 games out. Now you are experiencing the pain we felt when the yanks smoked the sox at fenway in 06.

Riddering said...

Emotionall exhausted is right!

I'm actually thankful I was able to get up and come into work today to take my mind off the pain of this series. If last night's game had led into the weekend I probably would have the spent the entire time like Cameron in the beginning of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

In case it can save you any further heartbreak: no, the Yankees didn't hit any homers last night.

(Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" just came on the radio as I was about to post this. IS THAT A SIGN?)

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I hope so. Today's game was nice, even if we did win on an error.

She-Fan said...

Hey, guys. Any chance you could post about my signing on Wed, June 17th? It'll be at Stan's Bar across from the old Stadium from 3:30-5:30 before the Yanks-Nats game that night. Would love to have Yankee fans stop by and say hi.