Monday, June 22, 2009

Yankees End Slumping Ways Today

I used my crystal Guiness bottle to peer into the future and saw an amazing thing: Wang's first win. It was backed by big games from Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira as well as Phil Hughes. I would like to use my crystal Guiness bottle to see who wins the World Series, but that would take all the fun out of it. Here are some random thoughts and observations to keep you warm on a Monday:

-A-Rod is batting .213 on the season, which really isn't helping, but Cano, whose batting over .300, hasn't been able to hit in any sort of pressure situation all season. I wonder if a swift kick in the pants could resolve either of these problems.

-Derek Jeter should not have swung at the first pitch yesterday. It was brutal to lose that way, but he's not entirely to blame. The two homeruns off Tomko and the brutal throw from Melky really did us in.

-Aceves is amazing.

-The Yankees suck right now.

-Why is Angel Berroa still on the team?

-When are Marte and Molina due back? Especially Marte. Wasn't he supposed to be our setup man? Signing Marte for 3 years was a mistake, but who am I to question Cashman especially when he's given us such fine bullpen pieces as Kyle Farnsworth, Jonathan Albaladejo, Jose Veras, Kei Igawa and Edwar Ramirez.

-Scott Proctor would like to come back to the Yankees after he rehabs from Tommy John. I always liked him, so I wouldn't mind it. I always wondered how he'd do with rests in between appearances.

-Robertson really does help this bullpen.

-Does Xavier Nady really think he can reclaim this season, perform at a high level, and sign a big free agent contract at the end of the year? With his elbow, he is a huge risk to any team looking to sign him long term.

-I personally think this Strasburg kid is going to be a huge bust. But he'll probably still shut out the Yankees.

-You know who should be our DH next season? Shelley Duncan.

-Austin Jackson is batting .342 on the season.

-Cody Ransom has been playing games for Scranton. Will he replace Angel Berroa?

-Jesus Montero is batting .300 for Double A Trenton, though he's only had 50 at bats. He has a 4 game hitting streak going 6 for 15 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI's. Not bad.


Fred Trigger said...

guiness by itself is gross. Perhaps it could be a crystal shot glass with contents of an irish car bomb?

cheshirecat9 said...

I am a big fan of both Guiness and the predictions of your magic bottle. Let's pull it together. Go Yanks!

anonymous number two said...

I am too overcome with grief from all the recent losses to comment coherently. I am going into my bed under the covers and suck my thumb. I will come back out for the game on Tuesday, I hope.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Fred, a Boston fan that doesn't like Guiness? At least tell me you like Sam Adams.

CheshireCat, I'm also a big fan of both Guiness and my predictions. I think I may pick up a 6 pack tonight now that we're talking about it.

Anonymous number two, I have a better solution: the aforementioned 6 pack of Guiness.

Fred Trigger said...

I love sam adams! Especially their seasonals, those are pretty good! Leinenkugels and Blue Moon kick ass, as well. I just prefer them without the fruit slices. I also like XXX for some reason. Its kind of like budweiser with a kick. A six pack of that and your good for 3 nights of watching baseball.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

No one's ever served me a blue moon with a fruit slice. my bartender is getting punched in the face tonight.

Fred Trigger said...

I guess if he was going to give you a fruit slice, he could put it over his eye.