Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Walk Off Win Takes Series From Blue Jays

The Good

Though it was Cano's mess up on a double play ball that cost us the first game of the series, it was his walk-off single in the 11th that won this one for us. He also hit a homerun earlier in the game.

The bullpen pitched 5 scoreless innings with new member Chad Gaudin going 2 innings with 3 strikeouts. Burnett wasn't his sharpest, but gave us a quality start.

The Bad

Jorge Posada seemed clueless behind the plate yesterday. Though it was ruled a wild pitch, Posada should have blocked the ball that allowed the tieing run to score. He also had a rough time at the plate going 1-5 with 3 strikeouts.

The Ugly

The Yankees have mastered the come from behind win, which is good, but it'd be nice if we could take the lead early and hold onto it. Here's for a nice clean win tonight at Seattle.

The Really Ugly

Jeter and A-Rod both got hit pretty hard. Jeter had to leave the game in the second inning. Next time we see Toronto, Vernon Wells better get one in the ribs.

Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

The "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog joined Johnny Damon's home run club, which raises money for the Children's Health Fund. We are pledged to donate $1.00 for every homerun the Yankees hit this season. Damon and Cano hit homeruns last night. It was the 22nd of the season for Damon. Seems like he can still play baseball.

Jorge Posada 15hr = $15.00
Hideki Matsui 17hr = $17.00
Derek Jeter 13hr = $13.00
Mark Teixeira 29hr = $29.00
Nick Swisher 18hr = $18.00
Robinson Cano 18hr = $18.00
Johnny Damon 22hr = $22.00
Melky Cabrera 11hr = $11.00
Jose Molina 1hr = $1.00
Alex Rodriguez 21hr = $21.00
Brett Gardner 3hr = $3.00
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $1.00
Eric Hinske 5hr = $5.00
Jerry Hairston Jr. 1hr = $1.00
Total = $175.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.


Big West said...

hey guys, i was at the game yesterday as well. I agree, it seems like too many times we're waiting around for a home run, and not exactly putting together runs, and games like yesterday happen. However, its difficult to complain when we're winning so many games. Another thing about yesterday, I dunno how it sounded on TV, but the stadium was absolutely dead for most of the game. It was mildly disturbing, and saddening. I've been to 15 games this year, and aside from the Sox game I was at on Thursday (the blowout) it's been suuuuper quiet this year. Do you guys think it'll stay like that for only a couple of more years? Or is it something we'll have to get used to? Either way it made me miss the old place...

Fernando Alejandro said...

You know what it is, its that at most games those premium seats close to the field remain unfilled. Its tough for the stadium to get loud when you can hear pin drops on the lower levels.

And yeah, we're on a roll right now, and I hope it continues, but I also don't want the team to get too comfortable. They're going to need some scrap in them for the playoffs.