Friday, August 28, 2009

My Brother's Worst Nightmare

CNNSI is reporting that the Angels are nearing a deal with the Rays for Scott Kazmir. My brother has always wanted the Yanks to find a way to acquire Kazmir, but now he's on the verge of being traded to one of the Yankees' toughest competitors and likely postseason rivals.


Raven King said...

This is not surprising in the least.
The Angels have a ton of top prospects and they're far, far away in the AL West.
The Yankees will never get a top-notch player if they refuse to trade away their only four top prospects: Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero, Joba and Hughes.

bigjf said...

I think the Yanks have done well in holding onto their prospects. Two of those 4 are obviously contributing at the big league level. Austin Jackson is very close to being called up, and Montero looks like he could have the bat if not the catching skills. The Yanks have also done well to stockpile arms in the system and this year they drafted some potential offensive pop.

While I'd love to have Kazmir, I wouldn't be willing to part with top prospects for him, and even though we could wind up facing him in the post-season, I'm happy we don't have to face him in the AL East.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, I think the reason the Yanks didn't care if the R Sox got Victor Martinez is because we already have an oversized semi-catcher slugger in Jesus Montero.