Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beat Writers: Stop Twittering Your Conversations

I've noticed an interesting pattern while monitoring internet communication technologies.

First this from Brian Hoch on Twitter: "Why were the Yankees interested in Ian Snell again?"

Then this from Tyler Kepner, also on Twitter: "Just throwing it out there, no basis for this: wouldn't Seattle be a great spot for Matsui next year?"

But then Feinsand tweets: "Remember when people thought the Yankees should trade for Ian Snell from the Pirates? They're probably happy that didn't happen, eh?"

We'd already heard that from Hoch. Then I click over to Abe's blog, and I read, "Wonder if Matsui ends up here next season?"

It would seem that the Yankees beat writers are all controlled by some sort of uberbrain, possibly in a jar, that makes them all independently think the same thing. Either that or whenever someone makes a clever point in the press box everybody goes ahead and steals it.


JWagg said...

Haha yeah I noticed that too, it's been going on for a while

JWagg said...

Blog set to Pacific time in honor of Yankees west coast trip?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Haha, its always been on Pacific time, but I've never thought to look into having it changed.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Because Google is on the west coast, I think they automatically set all their services to Pacific time.