Sunday, August 16, 2009

Its Been a Long Time Coming

So about a month or two ago it was suggested that we add a section to our blog with some of the RJG greatest hits. We thought it was a great idea. So great, that we spent the last two months working on it. Well, its finally up. Underneath our beloved advertisers you will find a list of some of the RJG classics. Now, we didn't put up all the ones you suggested, and if there are any that are not there that you feel really should be please let us know. One thing I didn't want to do is put game reviews up there since they're too contextual and people may not really get so far removed from the game in question. Either way, I hope you enjoy them, and always feel free to suggest any ideas you may have for us.

1 comment:

Quinn said...

ok well they are looking good. joba needs to be on an every fifth day type deal.. possible maybe you guys should separate bronny phone calls from everything else.