Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yankees Even Series at One Apiece

The Good

The Yankees won by ignoring Joba's oh so effectiveness and outslugging the Jays. Matsui hit a home run so that he wouldn't have to run particularly hard. Then Posada hit one just to prove a point. Nobody is sure what that point was.

The Bad

Joba did not pitch particularly well. Lucky for him, he plays for the Yankees.

The Ugly

When Scutaro struck out to end the ninth, tears welled up in his eyes. A seemingly drunk Tom Hanks, sitting in the Legends Seats, yelled, "There's no crying in baseball!" Scutaro, however, disagreed and curled up into a fetal position on the field and cried loudly for five minutes. It made for very awkward post-game interviews on My9.

The RJG Deficit

Thanks to drying up ad revenue, we have no idea how we're going to pay all the money we owe to charity. As of right now we're thinking ponzi scheme. Matsui and Posada both had home runs today. Kudos on your love of children.

Jorge Posada 15hr = $15.00
Hideki Matsui 17hr = $17.00
Derek Jeter 13hr = $13.00
Mark Teixeira 29hr = $29.00
Nick Swisher 18hr = $18.00
Robinson Cano 17hr = $17.00
Johnny Damon 21hr = $21.00
Melky Cabrera 11hr = $11.00
Jose Molina 1hr = $1.00
Alex Rodriguez 21hr = $21.00
Brett Gardner 3hr = $3.00
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $1.00
Eric Hinske 5hr = $5.00
Jerry Hairston Jr. 1hr = $1.00
Total = $173.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.

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