Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ortiz Less and Less Likable by the Day

I've never disliked David Ortiz. He's always been an affable personality that was hard to hate. Don't get me wrong, I hated the player for what he did to my Yankees on a regular basis, but never had anything bad to say about the person.

The disclosure of a failed 2003 drug test didn't change that, but the scales are starting to tip in the other direction. According to this article in the Boston Globe, Ortiz was notified in 2004 that he had failed the survey drug test, making Ortiz's claim that he was "blindsided" by the revelation total bullsh-t.

Granted, he may not have been told in 2004 what he tested positive for, so I understand him wanting to find out before addressing the media, but as time goes on and the silence continues, he looks worse and worse.

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Ruthie J said...

its weird that you mention that....i mean, anything that was red i hated, which sucked cause my uniform and socks were red; but out of all the sox, i never harbored anything over regulation red sox hatred 4 him...even when he went on the regis and kelly show (i think it was) I was like "oh there goes big papi", i've had enough of the steroid so i am not even indulgen the media coverage till 6 weeks when they have something more concret then the "I wonder if i doubt it long enough, will other people start to doubt it statements.".../tell ortiz to grow a pair to and own up to his mistakes!