Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Too Tired to Write a Post

I'm exhausted right now, and creative juices are failing to flow. I'm only halfway through a giant mug of coffee and its yet to kick in. It could be a long day. What makes it even longer is that the Yankees had an off day yesterday, which leaves me with little material to write about. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a story to come to me, I decided to call several Yankee players and see what they did with their time off. Here are the answers I got:

"No seriously, how did you get this number." - Jorge Posada

"All interview requests have to go through my agent, but just out of curiosity, how did you get my cell?" - AJ Burnett

"Que?" - Melky Cabrera

"Call this number again and there will be trouble to pay!" - Hank Steinbrenner.

"I flew to Texas for the Texas series, but then realized that we were playing them at home. So now I'm hoping on a plane back to New York." - Nick Swisher

"Umm, can you repeat the question in Japanese?" - Hideki Matsui

So there you have it. Here's for a great start for Joba.


Anonymous said...

Did Matsui-san correct your (English) grammer in the next part of the conversation?
(Here's where I remind you that I was the only one here--according to my recollection--that didn't want to trade him this winter. I love being right!)


Fernando Alejandro said...

You were right. Matsui has been very good this year. We won't bring him back for 2010, but he could have a couple years left as a DH for some team out there. Mariners would be my guess.