Monday, March 29, 2010

Ace Out of Line

It looks like Joba wasn't the only one who handled losing the fifth starter position poorly, you can now add Alfredo Aceves to the list.

The LoHud Blog is reporting that not only does Ace have a sore back, but that he's been "out of line," according to Girardi.

"Ace hasn't been himself lately," explained Girardi. "Like just yesterday he came into my office and goes, 'Hey Joey, my back hurts. And oh yeah, your haircut is stupid.' When I protested he's all, 'I'm sorry, I was out of line.' Then, as I try to say that I accept his apology, he adds, 'Just like your face!' It was all very inappropriate."

Apparently Ace has been a little moody since losing the fifth starter spot. The Yankees are hoping a few days off will address his issues, but it's become so bad that there's no guarantee.

"He told me my mom was ugly," said one clubby. "When I told him my mother abandoned me and that I was an orphan, he goes, 'Yeah, just like your face!' I wept openly in the clubhouse. I was so embarrassed. Then he points at me and in a loud voice, yells, 'Hey Joey, he's crying, maybe you should make HIM the fifth starter! Oh yeah, and my back hurts from bending over backwards for you. I need time off.' It didn't go over well."


lady gaganonymous said...


Joe Girardi *does* have a stupid haircut, though I was watching a video from 1999 the other day and it was like three thousand times worse

Rich Mahogany said...

This story cannot be true. Everyone knows that insulting Girardi's haircut leads to summary execution or a trade to the Royals.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Everybody knows that the Yankees don't deal to the Royals. They send their players to the Pirates.

Dylan Murphy said...

Any team that interacts with the Royals is just asking for bad Karma.

Rich Mahogany said...

Roberto, that is because no one talks back to Girardi. Everyone is too scared of the punishment.