Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So A-Rod will likely be interviewed by the Feds about Dr. Tony Galea as part of the FBIs investigation of Galea's attempted PED smuggling caper. A-Rod's sole connection to Galea seems to be that he was treated by a chiropractor, on the recommendation of Dr. Mark Philippon, his hip surgeon, who worked with Dr. Galea in Canada.

Then Bronny makes this statement, reported on the Daily News blog, indicating that he knew of none of his players being treated by Galea and that the Yankees had never done business with him.

But this raises an issue, since Galea is known for pioneering platelet-rich plasma replacement therapy, a procedure performed on Xavier Nady last season as he attempted to come back from his elbow injury (here and here). It is not clear who performed this procedure on Nady, but I'm willing to bet he went to the source. As we learned from the Mets-Beltran knee surgery fiasco, teams generally have to approve of medical procedures before their players receive treatment, so the Yankees may need to exercise a bit more caution in their public statements about what dealings they've had with Mr. Galea.

Of course, it's not that I think the Yankees have any connection to Dr. Galea's tendency to carry large amounts of HGH in his first aid kit, nor that A-Rod does. But still, one has to be careful.


lady gaganonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you said here. Though it's hilarious and sadly predictable how the media is screaming for A-Rod's head all over again, and hardly mentioning anything about Galea's connections to Reyes, Beltran, Tiger Woods, etc.

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Unrelated: Rick Porcello is hot and I still love him for beating up Youk.

Jon Roberts said...

I think ESPN was showing Reyes working out when they talked about this story yesterday. That said who wants to talk about the Mets shortstop when you could talk about the Yankees third baseman? And they definitely talked about Tiger, he can't sneeze on a hooker without that getting in the news.

I don't really know what the story is here. Basically some doctor who sells a treatment that is likely junk also sells HgH which is also likely junk? Who cares?

I don't really know how the line gets drawn as to what's allowed and what isn't. Based on what I've read HgH doesn't seem to help any one much, but it must be banned. As for the players, some of them were sharing a golden thong because they thought it would help them hit better. What do they know?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, it has been interesting to watch the 'controversy' over the Feds wanting to question A-Rod, whose only involvement seems to be having been treated by an associate of Galea's. I guess in a Spring Training this boring, you have to find something to write about.

But the thong works, no question.

lady gaganonymous said...

You know, of all the Yankees to wear a gold thong and talk about it, why did it have to be Giambi???

Rich Mahogany said...

I, for one, would like to know if Tiger Woods is going around sneezing on hookers.