Monday, March 22, 2010

Nick Swisher Reworks His Swing

Over the course of the Winter and Spring, Nick Swisher has worked hard to remake his swing. The new swing, which Girardi describes as "quiet," may result in a much higher batting average to go along with Swish's already excellent on-base and slugging percentages. Swisher explained his new swing to us over the weekend.

"It's just quieter," explained Swish. "Before, I would be really selective, see like 10 pitches. But then I'd get called out on some bull$#!% pitch that was an inch off the corner. Then I'd roll my eyes into the back of my head as if to say, WTF ump? Then I'd shake my head and walk away muttering that the ump should go #$*& himself. Then I'd sit in the dugout and tell my teammates that that ump should go #$*& himself. Now, I'm making more contact, so there's less telling the ump to go #$*& himself. It's much quieter."


hunter said...

you guys continue to be one of the funniest baseball blogs out there. keep it up!!
while i was reading this post, i glanced to the upper right side of the page and notice the johnny damons homerun club link. are you guys still going to do the donation for every HR hit even though he isnt with the yankees anymore?

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's a fair question. My understanding is that the CHF sets up a deal with the starting centerfielder of the Yankees and they represent the organization in the home run club. Bernie Williams passed it down to Johnny Damon when he came, but I haven't heard whether Granderson or anyone else has taken up the mantle for the coming year. I actually need to email them and see whats going on for that. Either way, we will still be donating money to the children's health fund.