Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curtis Blends into Clubhouse

According the NY Daily News, Curtis Granderson is blending in with the Bombers:

While on the surface, this would seem to be great news for the Yankees, considering how intense the pressure can be in New York, what with gravity working differently there and all, but many in the Yankees brass are less than pleased with Granderson's ability to blend in.

"It's really tough," explained Jason Zillo, Yankees PR Director. "One time, he told a beat reporter that the reporter was ugly, and his kids too, and told him to quote him on that. When I went to go talk to him about it, he was nowhere to be found. I could hear his voice, taunting me, but I couldn't find him. Next thing I know he was right next to me. I was like, 'WTF have you been?' He's all, 'I've been standing next to you the whole time!' He can really blend into his environment. It's frustrating."

Zillo is not the only New York executive who has been frustrated by Granderson's ability to blend in.

"One time I was looking for Granderson in the clubhouse," said Brian Cashman, Yankees GM. "He was not in there. I asked everyone. Checked the weight room. Nowhere. Then, suddenly, he stood up in the middle of the clubhouse. He was in this suit shaped like a locker. I was like, 'Hasn't that locker been there all Spring?" And he's all, 'Yep.' Hughes is all, 'WTF? Why is my $#!% all over the floor?' We were all stunned. He'd literally snuck in a locker costume before Spring Training and had been sitting in the clubhouse everyday, pretending to be a locker. That locker was being used! It was very frustrating."

Granderson's ability to blend in is something straight out of Get Smart. Despite the frustration it often causes, Granderson does not plan to change who he is. "I've always been sick at hiding. Playing in New York isn't going to change that."


Rich Mahogany said...

Hiding is an important skill to have in Detroit.

lady gaganonymous said...


Hey he got a double off of Cole Hamels the other day!!! ALL HIS ISSUES WITH LEFTIES ARE OVER!!!! (if only the crazy negative reporters for the Yankees took everything even slightly positive that happened to the team to the same extent they take anything slightly negative...)