Monday, March 8, 2010


So it turns out that A-Rod was treated by Dr. Galea of HGH fame (here). Supposedly he only prescribed anti-inflammatories, but that's according to a guy who tried to have one of his assistants sneak HGH into the country. The Yankees had previously distanced themselves from Dr. Galea, claiming that he had not been authorized by them to treat Rodriguez post-hip surgery. At first it seemed that the only link between A-Rod and Galea was A-Rod's post-op chiropractor, Mark Lindsay (I may have misspelled that). Now Galea is claiming that he indeed treated A-Rod after his hip surgery. If it comes out that A-Rod used HGH "to get healthy" after having surgery, that may be the end of any love affair Yankee fans will have ever had with him. I don't want to jump to that conclusion, but this just got messy.


Rich Mahogany said...

Unfortunately, enriched steroidium is an anti-inflammatory.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I heard that. The AP definitely missed that fact, but what else can you expect from the liberal corporate controlled right wing media?

lady gaganonymous said...

the liberal corporate controlled right wing media

I can't really get mad at A-Rod if he used HGH. I mean, the guy that's probably my favorite Yankee ever did HGH (and I didn't eat for like two days and I refused to study for a test after that news came out because I was so sad. In more ways than one, obviously). Though I do think not even A-Rod would be stupid enough to use HGH RIGHT AFTER he got nailed for TEH STEROIDS!!!!.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I hope you're right Lady Gaganonymous. My only nagging concern is that we're dealing with a guy who was insecure enough to use steroids when he was going strong, I can only imagine what 'staring at the face of retirement,' as he's talked about his hip surgery, might have done to the guy. At this point there is no reason to believe A-Rod has done anything wrong, but finding out he was indeed treated by this doctor is not good news. On the other hand, the only people actually linked to HGH are this doctor (who admits using it himself) and the assistant who tried to get it into the country. Everyone else seems to have gone to him for this blood platelet treatment that was supposed to be the next big thing in sports medicine.

Rich Mahogany said...

To save everyone the trouble of hunting down Peter Abraham's blog post about this story, I've decided to write it myself:

So it turns out Rodriguez was actually treated by Dr. Galea - the same Dr. Galea who the feds are investigating for developing enriched steroidium and trafficking in child slaves.

But I'm sure Alex was just getting some kind of legitimate treatment from Galea, and not receiving regular injections of enriched steroidium, which were solely responsible for his superb 2009 season, clutch performance in the playoffs, and suspiciously quick recovery from hip surgery.

Right Alex? You wouldn't be putting your own interests before those of your team, your fans, and unenslaved chilren, right? That wouldn't be like you at all.

In case you're one of my dumber readers who will probably leap to ARod's defense, that last paragraph was sarcastic. Alex Rodriguez is the devil.

lady gaganonymous said...

Rich, I DIED LAUGHING. So glad Pete Abe isn't around at LoHud to cover this story. He was a very very very good reporter, but a very bad analyst, blinded by his hate for some guys (A-Rod) and his love for others (CMW).

Rich Mahogany said...

I'm sure he has something to say about ARod to his Boston audience.

I always enjoyed following PeteAbe's hierarchy of opinions:

Princes among Men:
CMW (you have to understand how revered he is in Taiwan!)
Torre (I think he knows more about managing baseball than YOU!)

Flawed but Wonderful:
Johnny Damon (his contract demands might have been too high, but you can't put a price on his personality!)
Jason Giambi (sure, he was a "cheating goon," but I can't help but love that big galloot)
Selena Roberts (her dogged pursuit of ARod gave me the vicarious thrill of my life)

Ran over My Dog:
Joe Girardi (today, Joe didn't answer a question about a player's injury and changed the lineup for the 4559th time. He's got a lot to learn.)

Worse than Stalin:
ARod (selfish clown!)
Commenter who thought I was too hard on ARod (lighten up!)
Angel Berroa (really old!)

lady gaganonymous said...

On that one play in the ALCS I think it was Game 1, where A-Rod barreled over the catcher at home plate and was called out (even though he might have been safe, but whatevs), he made like 15 jokes about slapping the ball. LOLOLOL YOU'RE SO FUNNY PETE!!!

And yeah, his whole, "I love Giambi so it's okay that he did steroids!" thing tired me. Especially when, after A-Rod's walkoff HR against the Twins, he ACTUALLY ASKED something along the lines of "Did you stop and think, and not applaud?" Fuck no. I cheered like a madwoman.

Also, he posted in the comments at RAB to try and get people to be on Damon's side after it was very clear the Yankees just weren't interested after their original offer got rejected. It was kind of hilarious. His entire argument was basically "He will hit second in the lineup, even though I know for a fact he doesn't like it. He'll never complain about it either." ??? If he never complained about it, how would you know he didn't like it?

And his Girardi hate was just... weird.

lady gaganonymous said...

this is also priceless:

In the post of the year, Giuseppe Franco says that the Yankees cannot win the World Series without Alex Rodriguez.

The Yankees have won 26 World Series without him. Somehow.

Alex has never never played in one World Series game.

I would suggest that if the Yankees did not have Alex, they would be far more likely to win over the long term. His 24 + 1 mentality is not conducive to championship play. I realize it’s spring training, but the Yankees have looked terrific.

loooooool. Yes, how dare A-Rod not somehow contribute to the 1947 World Series! And yes, blame him for the "failures" of the teams of 2004-2008. It had nothing at all to do with pitching.

You know who ELSE was out at the time Pete wrote that? Derek Jeter. In 2003, when Jeter was hurt, the Yankees went like 25-11 when he was out. Does ANYONE think the Yankees were better off without Jeter? Hell no. Because they're not stupid. But when it comes to A-Rod, people are tremendously stupid.

Rich Mahogany said...

I read Sam Borden's entries about ARod and Galea on LoHud and found them to be a refreshing change from PeteAbe. He objectively lays out the facts and the team's concerns, but doesn't follow up with a snarky comment.

lady gaganonymous said...

I agree, Rich. Though LoHud is constantly in PANIC MODE!!~!! so I don't even read the comments there any more.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

"tremendously stupid" is a great phrase. Kudos.