Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silly Damon

Recently, I read this post by Stalking Steve about Damon. It basically outlines how when Damon finished the season he said that he wanted to be a Yankee, but since then has pretty much turned down any offer that has come his way from the bombers. Though it does seem hypocritical, I understand it. Damon isn't one of these veteran players, who have never won a championship, and have to be on a contender. Damon is a veteran whose played on two HUGE world championship teams, has participated in some of the biggest moments in baseball over the last decade, and is now entering what is likely his last contract. That being said, if Kansas City offered him the 3 years and $39 million Boras was asking for, he should take it. In fact, if the Yoimuri Giants offered him that contract, he should take it. This last contract isn't about proving himself as a ball player as much as its about setting himself up for the rest of his life. Athletes retire early, and Damon probably won't be playing into his 40's. Do athletes really need all that money? Probably not. But they've gotten used to a life style, and I can't be mad at them for wanting to stick to it. So, I say now, that I forgive Damon for his apparent hypocrisy. We've seen it before with athletes, and its apart of the landscape. Now, the fact that he's misplayed this market is another aspect of this story, but I can't be mad at him for wanting to get the most money he can.


I came across this post on the Lohud Yankees blog, which has some info about the Damon negotiations. Cashman basically says that Damon and Boras were looking for what Abreu got ($9 million a year), and that he fully expects them to get it. Though Cashman says that, Cashman is no fool, and he knows Damon isn't going to get that deal. If he does, then once again, Boras proves to be more than just an agent, and starts encroaching on magical wizard territory. You can never say never, but I think Damon will not get this deal.


Rich Mahogany said...

Damon's hypocrisy is just more visible than most athletes'. As a Red Sox, Damon said he would never be a Yankee. Then he conveniently changed his mind when the Yankees outbid the Red Sox for his services. I think that's more obnoxious than anything he's doing now.

Damon might be legitimately concerned about his finances. He had money locked up in a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme. Now there's word that his accounts are frozen (which suggests to me that he got cash OUT of the Ponzi scheme and could have to distribute it to other investors who weren't so lucky). Now I have trouble understanding how a person who has made over $97 million in his baseball career could have money problems, but Damon wouldn't be the first multi-millionaire who squandered his wealth due to terrible investment decisions.

My guess is that Damon has let anxiety about his finances get the better of him, and he's making irrational decisions as a result.

lady gaganonymous said...

I don't think Damon is so much a hypocrite as much as he just really really really loves money and has Boras as an agent. He also seems kind of charmingly stupid, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was having some money issues.

Rich Mahogany said...

Wang finalized his deal with the Nationals, BTW.

Dylan said...

I agree that Damon is simply always after the money, and unfortunately he broke the cardinal rule of the Yankees Sox rivalry (well at least according to fans) which is don't switch sides. Even though he did well for us, I could never truly love him. But as the Sox fans said, looks like jesus, acts like judas, throws like mary.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I liked Damon a lot, and I don't for a moment have a problem with his having been a Red Sock. If he ends up with Boston tomorrow, I'll still say I liked him a lot. He's a good player and baseball is his business. He, accordingly, bases his career moves from a business not personal standpoint. That's gangster.

lady gaganonymous said...

"looks like jesus, acts like judas, throws like mary." That was the funniest/most clever thing Red Sox fans have EVER said (with apologies to that one Red Sox fan that comes by here sometimes).

If anything, I loved Damon MORE for saying to the Boston media that he'd never go to the Yankees, then... going to the Yankees. He was one of those Red Sox guys that I didn't mind, though.

And there hasn't been much Wang in Washington DC since Clinton left, so that's good. If Wang is healthy and Strasburg is worth half the hype he's getting, the Nats' rotation might be better than the Mets'. Yikes.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Good double entendre and political reference.