Monday, November 29, 2010

Could Jeter Find Himself in Andy's Shoe's?

A couple winters ago, the Yankees offered Andy Pettitte what they thought was a fair contract for an old man who had shoulder issues down the stretch. The contract was for around $10M, but Pettitte refused. The Yankees then signed Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira to ginormous contracts. Andy, with no other viable options, was forced to take an incentive laden contract worth only $5.5M in guaranteed money.

Jeter is currently in a position similar to Pettitte's. He's been offered an, according to the Yankees, fair contract. He is stalling for more money. The Yankees are looking to sign a mega free agent target in Cliff Lee. Sure, that's one target, not three; but the ginormous contracts of those other three free agents are still on the books. Mo's contract is also looming and seems more likely to get done easily. Does Jeter risk a very public humiliation if he lets the Yankees wrap up too much money in other free agents before getting his share? Could he be looking at an incentive laden deal of his own? One would think not, but then one didn't expect Bernie Williams to be offered a minor league deal in his last days, or Pettitte to sign a contract worth $5.5M either, did one? I wonder just how "messy" things could get.

Vasquez got $7 million

If Vasquez can get $7 million with a full no-trade clause, what do you suspect someone like Cliff Lee will get? Well, according to drunks canvassed at the local bar, Cliff Lee is at least a hundred times better than Javier Vasquez. According to this view, Cliff Lee should be receiving $700 million per season to pitch. And what's a 100 times better than a no-trade clause? A no-trade clause for you and a hundred people of your choosing. That's right, Cliff Lee would be able to block trades for up to 100 people including himself. Given this sort of contract, Cliff Lee could essentially shut down all major moves in baseball, and within a few years even own a majority share of all of Major League Baseball. I suspect he will then usurp Bud Selig and become the first commissioner/dictator in Major League History. Do we want to give Cliff Lee all this power? The short answer is yes, but only if he wins us another world series to fulfill our insatiable taste for championships, if only for a little while.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now The Yankees Are Being Greedy

Go to this article and scroll all the way down. The Yankees received over $1M from the Yomiuri Giants to release a pitcher they were never going to give a serious look in the Majors anyway. That's greedy. Plain and simple. That's like that friend who keeps hitting you up for that dollar he let you borrow that one time. You gotta let that go.

Now the Yankees are changing course and saying they hope to get a deal done with Jeter before the Winter Meetings. One has to assume that neither the Yankees nor Jeter expected their first offers to be accepted. Probably there is a middle ground that both would be happy with, but it may be that that middle will have to be closer to the Yankees' offer than Jeter's. Once Jeter's contract is out of the way, the Yankees can use all the money they saved by not paying Jeter for his legacy on Cliff Lee. Then everybody will be happy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now He's Making Me Look Bad

I know. It's not all about me. But a few days ago I wrote a post about how the Yankees were all in the wrong in the way they've handled these Jeter negotiations. I knew it. The Daily News knew it. Only the Post didn't know it. But then the News broke the story that Jeter has apparently completely lost his mind with an initial contract request of six years at $25M each. Close, Jeter's agent, then told the Post that this figure wasn't accurate. Then the News called back their "source" and revised their figure. $22-24M a year. That is just insane. That number is crazy. That number walks around yelling stuff about the end of the world and then asking you for change. The things is, all those people who were defending Jeter and mad at Cash now look like @$$holes. Why would you make all of us look like @$$holes? It's the Yankees you're mad at, not us. Why do you lash out at the ones who love you? Who care about you? I can't defend that number. I can barely even wrap my mind around that number. I understand you might feel like the Yanks owe you A-Rod money, but, and I hate to say this, you're not A-Rod. A-Rod missed not insignificant time due to old man injuries the last two seasons and still managed to hit 30 home runs in each. Despite that sort of production, A-Rod's contract is completely stupid. The Yankees gave him that stupid contract, but that doesn't mean they have to give you a stupid contract, especially since you're not A-Rod. It hurts to write that, but I'm just talking baseball right now. I can't raise the intangibles issue because A-Rod has emerged as a leader in that clubhouse. It was him who pulled Robbie Cano aside to impress upon him the importance of situational hitting. He's well liked in the clubhouse. Even you like him. So you can't say it's your leadership that merits that stupid contract. Besides, Posada's a year away from likely retirement. You're a year away from losing your muscle. It's lame duck season. You can ask for more money than the Yanks initially offered you, but $25M a year for six years? I love you Derek, but even I don't think you've got four years where you'll be worth $20M left in you, let alone six at $25M (or $22-24M). Maybe you figured that they offered $15M, I ask $25M, we settle at $20M. Please tell me it's that. Because if it's not that, I don't even know who you are anymore.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving Post

I know what you're telling yourself. "We already ate. I've more or less caught up with everyone or at least acknowledged their presence. I'll just quickly check my favorite blog of all time while there's a lull." It's okay, you're selfish. Checking the blog for Yankees news when you should be spending time with your family. For shame.

I know what you're telling yourself. "Didn't you take time away from YOUR family to write a whole blog post? How dare you judge me?!"

Fair enough. But let me ask you this: haven't you now wasted even more precious family time not only reading this blog, but getting indignant, swearing at me in your den, office, or bedroom, and then continuing to read the rest just because you can't help yourself? Check. Mate.

Besides, we at the RJG were raised by wolves, and wolves don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They can eat turkey whenever the hell they want, so bladow!

Now that you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself, let me just point out that nothing will happen today in free agent land. The Yankees may insult Jeter through the media again, as is their wont, but that's it. You know this. Why torture yourself, constantly hitting refresh at the Daily News, Post, or LoHud blog to check if maybe, by some miracle, something new and exciting has happened? It's not worth it. Go get drunk and yell at your family members for "what they did to you". That's what Thanksgiving was all about when the Pilgrims started it in 1532.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Jeter Saga

We've all heard by now about the war between the Jeter and Yankees camps in these negotiations. The real war, however, is between the Post and the Daily News. The former has largely sided with management, while the latter has chosen to respect the gangster. Lupica of the Daily News has emerged as the voice of reason. Reason. Like the kids used to have. But it is not hard to understand management's perspective. These are the New York Yankees, and New Yorkers are d*cks. Jeter will end up with either more money or more years than this first offer from the Yankees gives him, but the Yankees, being d*cks, have to act like d*cks first. Sure, they were nice to A-Rod and to CC and that's unfair. But New Yorkers are always nice to tourists. We act all polite around them and give them directions and hold doors. But if another New Yorker looks at us funny, or by accident, it's all "WTF is your problem?!" That's how we roll and Jeter, despite the complex he's building in Tampa, is a basically a New Yorker. He's not going to get the tourist treatment, he gets the 'I want to fight you on the subway for no reason' treatment. It's all a part of being a New Yorker. It is however, hard to watch. Jeter doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Brian Cashman had the gall to suggest the Yankees were upset with Casey Close of all people for going "public" with the negotiations. Are you $#!%%ing me?! Close makes one comment to Mike Lupica after Yankees brass has been talking $#!% in the press for weeks and Close is the bad guy? #@%& outta here! But mine is also a New York reaction. The rest of the people on the subway always think that guy starting the fight is a real jackass. We all condemn him, even though we're only one meaningless stare away from starting some $#!% ourselves. It's just that when you live in as fast paced an environment as New York, you have to find ways to exercise something other than self-interest, like empathy. Feeling bad for Jeter is one of the ways we do that. Which is what makes the Post's response to all this so "baffling." You're going to side with the Steinbrenner brothers and Randy Levine? Really? How #@%&ed up is Rupert Murdoch? Once again the Daily News shows why it's the local paper of choice. You might glance at the Post's Sports Section if someone leaves it on the subway, but you always try to put it back down before someone sees you holding it. But everyone saw you holding it. And they judged you for it. It's okay though. That's what we do. We're New Yorkers.

Domestic Violence Project Auction

Every year at the end of the season the clubhouse manager for the Trenton Thunder runs an auction of baseball items whose proceeds go to the Domestic Violence Project. Over the past two years, I've been able to win autographs from Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero, Reggie Jackson, not to mention an assortment of game used bats and the like. Its perfect for Christmas shopping! With the proceeds going to a great cause, bid with confidence. Just not on the items I'm bidding on.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now That's What I Call Hardball

Mariano Rivera's contract negotiation has largely slipped under the radar this off season as Derek Jeter and Cliff Lee have taken the spot light. But not to be outdone, Mariano's camp is looking for a contract of 2 years at $18 million....per year. Yes, Mariano wants $36 million for the next two seasons. Its certainly a bold number, even an unrealistic number, but when you're sitting in the shadows and no ones paying attention, you might as well start acting crazy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yankees Try to Hardball Jeter, Jeter Not Intimidated

Its been recently reported that Derek Jeter's agent Casey Close has been baffled by the way the Yankees are handling the contract negotiation. The Yankees have been very clear of late that this negotiation is a business negotiation between a team and a player. It is not a licensing deal, its all about a player filling a position for a team. A licensing deal is exactly what Alex Rodriguez got in what has to be one of the most ridiculous contract negotiations in recent memory. A-Rod's new contract not only overshadowed the previously highest paid contract (held also by Alex Rodriguez), but it included a $30 million marketing agreement where he would be paid $6 million for each of 5 different homerun milestones. This means that A-Rod's total contract could be valued at $305 million. Unfortunately, that marketing agreement doesn't look so pretty after the steroid allegations, but that's besides the point. The point is, Jeter isn't signing a marketing agreement. I guess my question is, why not? The first Yankee to ever have 3,000 hits isn't worth a marketing agreement? If he's healthy he would do that this year. But perhaps the argument is that A-Rod's contract was done by crazy Hank Steinbrenner, as opposed to cold calculating Hal Steinbrenner (who I really like). I don't think the Yankees should over pay for Jeter, but I do think a marketing agreement, which indicates an appreciation for what he has done in a Yankees uniform would help ease the tension of this negotiation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stuff That Happened

This wasn't the most exciting week in the history of the Yankees, but it was pretty close. The Yankees finalized a deal with Cubs Pitching Coach Larry Rothschild to become the new Yankees Pitching Coach. I have no idea whether this is a good move and am basically waiting for Joel Sherman to tell me whether or not it is. Considering the Cubs enjoyed so much success last season that Sweet Lou Piniella didn't even feel the need to ride out the whole season with them, I'm not yet convinced.

But signing a new pitching coach wasn't the only thing that happened. CC Sabathia didn't win the Cy Young. This marks the seventh year, third in a row, that Sabathia has pitched in the Major Leagues and not won the Cy Young. I mean seriously, why does this guy even bother to get out of bed in the morning?

Then, despite pledges not to carry out negotiations through the media, the Yankees leaked to the media their intention to offer Derek Jeter and insultingly low 3 year, $45 Million contract. The Jeter camp has not indicated what their response to the offer will be, but most insiders expect it will be swift and deadly.

The Yankees also completed a trade of Juan Miranda for Scott Allen with Arizona. It wasn't actually a trade, however. Every year at the GM meetings the GMs hold a white elephant Christmas party and bring throwaway gifts to randomly present to one another. Every now and again you get one of these embarrassing situations where more than one team gives away a player contract and then has to pass it off as a trade in the press. That's what happened here.

Lastly, the Yankees released Jonathan Albaladejo so that he may sign a contract to play in Japan. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere but I can't think of it right now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Straight to DVD Trade

Yesterday, Brian Cashman traded first baseman Juan Miranda to Arizona for pitching prospect Scott Allen. This isn't the blockbuster move we're all waiting for, but things are moving, and things are happening to at least hold us over for the Cliff Lee signing. Some of you may not know Scott Allen. We sure didn't. But as always the RJG set out on a fact finding mission to provide you, the readers, all the facts, without bias, or unnecessary opinion, just pure unadulterated facts.

Speaking with some Yankees scouts, we were able to uncover some valuable information.

"Scott Allen can throw. A ball." Said one scout speaking on condition of anonymity. "He can throw it in the general vicinity of the strike zone, and he can do it from 60 feet 6 inches away."

When told that he just described every pitcher in the league, the scout explained further.

"Well you know, this kid is special. He can throw a ball, at about 90 mph. Sometimes he misses bats, sometimes he doesn't. He can pitch, but he can't hit."

When told that he still just described every pitcher in the league, the scout expanded his scope.

"You see, this kid, Scott Allen, can throw at least two pitches, and one of them is a fastball. My scouting reports indicate that he is not a knuckleballer, though I'll have to cross check my notes with other scouts to be sure of that."

When asked if he even knows who Scott Allen is, the scout answered:

"No. I can't even spell Scott Allen."

In conclusion, Scott Allen is a pitcher, who can throw a ball at a relatively competetive level. We at the RJG wish you the best Scott Allen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jeter Watch Begins

It looks like the first contract offer will be given to Jeter soon, and Joel Sherman is reporting that its around 3 years and $45 million. Jeter wants a 4th year, and he may get it. This first offer is more to create a starting point for negotiation. I don't expect him to accept this offer, and as Sherman alluded we may be seeing 4 years $60 million or some sort of club option with a payout in the 4th year. We will continue to wait and see.

In the same article by Sherman, he says that the Yankees are not close to making an offer on Lee because his agent is on a fact finding mission. What facts he is looking for is still unknown, but the basic point is that we shouldn't expect a Cliff Lee signing any time soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Derek Jeter's Agent Working Hard

According to reports, Hal Steinbrenner has spoken with Jeter's agents "a couple times" since last week. This is good news as it suggests that the Yankees are still considering Derek Jeter for the open shortstop position, left vacant by veteran shortstop, Derek Jeter. Now the big question/concern about Derek Jeter is in light of last seasons paltry offensive numbers, what would a long term contract spell for Jeter? But the even bigger concern for most fans is that watching Jeter grow old, makes us feel vulnerable. Don't you remember when Jeter was that skinny, baby-faced rookie? He's now a better built baby-faced veteran, and that sort of thing freaks us out. Think about it. How many of us have aged as gracefully as Derek Jeter? How many of us have put on as much muscle? Maintained our youthful good looks or won a gold glove in our mid-thirties? None of us! We've all gotten fat, ugly, and boring. And now, if Jeter was to start declining in his late thirties, what does that mean for us who already started our declines in our mid-twenties? It means we're screwed. And that's what we fear. But fear not! Jeter will eventually decline, but barring a freak injury that knocks him out all season, I can assure you that next year will be a huge bounce back year for him. How do I know, you ask? Why don't you mind your own business, I respond.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Classic

Every now and then, when times get slow, we at the RJG like to check in with everyones favorite team owners brother, Hank Steinbrenner. Some may remember Hank as the more outspoken of the two, and we were honored to ask him some questions about the coming season. The following is the transcript for the interview.

RJG: Hank, thanks so much for meeting with us.

HS: The pleasures all mine.

RJG: So right now, you have Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Cliff Lee on your radar. Is there anyone else that the Yankees may be looking at for this upcoming season?

HS: Well since my brother changed the locks to the front office I don't really know what's going on with the Yankees.

RJG: What do you mean? You're no longer allowed into the Yankees front office?

HS: No, Hal's really gone mad with power.

RJG: Hal? He seems so even keeled.

HS: That's how he tricks you. The truth is, I'm only a shell of my former self.

RJG: I'm sorry to hear that Hank, that must be diffi...

HS: Why? This shell is far stronger and more impenetrable than my former self. My former self was hollow. My new shell is adamantium mixed with unobtainium. Its a scientific fact, I'm invincible!

RJG: Pardon?

HS: You live in this world and follow this worlds rules. I live in Pandora's box! Do you know what happens when you open Pandora's box? Open it and see what happens! (Hands RJG a shoe box) Open it!

RJG: I don't think I want to open...

HS: Open it!

(RJG opens box to find it empty)

RJG: There's nothing here.

HS: It reflects your mind.

RJG: Clever.

HS: I'll make it up to you. I managed to obtain one of the rarest forms of Johnny Walker. Its called Johnny Walker Platinum. (Hank pulls out flask with JWP initialed into it).

RJG: Scotch? Wait, is there even a Johnny Walker Platinum...

HS: Its very rare. You can only find it in thermometers.

RJG: What?

(Hank pours a glass of JWP)

RJG: That looks like mercury.

HS: Its Johnny Walker Platinum.

RJG: Okay I think that ends the interview.

HS: We're signing Cliff Lee!

-End Transcript-

So it looks like the Yankees will make a strong effort to sign Cliff Lee. That is welcome news for Yankee fans.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Epic

It's been a long time coming. Bronny hasn't heard from us in some time, and he has failed to immediately sign Cliftopher Lee to a long term deal. The time has come to confront our lolligagging GM and light a fire under his arse. The following is a transcript of our phone call. You may want to ask the kids to leave the room for this one.

BC: Hello.

Operator: You have a collect call from one Cliftopher Lee. Will you accept the charges?

BC: Of course! Put him through, post haste!

[Operator connects call]

BC: Hello? Cliff?

RJG: You #%*&@#% bastard!

BC: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. How did you get this number?!

RJG: Why haven't you signed Cliff Lee?!

BC: I don't owe you an explanation!

RJG: Yes you do! You owe all of us an explanation! We pay good money to go to your stadium and sit so far away from the action we're better off standing in the concourse and watching the game on one of the TVs in the concession stand! You not only owe me an explanation, you owe me Cliff Lee!

BC: You're right. How could I have been so blind!

RJG: Why haven't you signed Cliff Lee?!

BC: Look, these things take time. It's a slow dance. You have to schmooze. You know, like fly to Arkansas and pretend you're happy to be there. Say things like, "So, did you shoot that deer yourself or did you just buy a pre-stuffed one?" Stuff like that.

RJG: No Bronny! No! It's not a slow dance. It's a grind dance. You go out there and you dance like an 18 year old girl who just got away from her overbearing parents and is rebelling/making up for lost time. You grind on Cliff Lee. Bring back the butterfly if you have to. It doesn't take time. It takes money. Just grind and give him money!

BC: I think if I'm grinding he should give me money. Zing!

RJG: Good one, Bronny. Now go use that New York wit to land our next marquee free agent. And it better be Cliftopher Lee!

BC: Yeah, about that. I don't think his name is Cliftopher.

RJG: Well la di da. Listen to Mr. High Falutin' over here, with his intimate knowledge of players' first names. Here's an idea, why don't you go #%$@ yourself, and sign Cliff Lee already.

BC: Why do all your words have to hurt so much?

RJG: Why haven't you signed Cliff Lee?!


There you have it, folks. As Cashman prepares for the GM meetings, his number one priority is signing Cliff Lee.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its Just That Slow

Breaking News: The Yankees have not signed Cliff Lee yet. More info to follow....

1:52pm Update: It still appears that Cliff Lee has not been signed:

"I would like to sign him." Explained Yankees GM Brian Cashman. "Contract negotiations take time. I have to go to the players house, talk about a contract, agree on figures, go fishing, things move slower down south. Everyone just needs to relax."

4:25pm Update: As of this update, Cliff Lee has not been signed. The good news is that no other team has signed him, meaning that the Yankees are presumably still in the runnings. The bad news is that he hasn't signed with the Yankees meaning that there are 29 teams presumably in the runnings as well. Okay who am I kidding, there's really like 4 or 5 teams, none of which can compete financially with the Yankees, but still.

Cashman was asked if a Cliff Lee signing would be done before 5pm Eastern time when many Yankee fans would be getting out of work. Cashman said "No". This would be fine if there was other news to keep us preoccupied, but there isn't. Just recycled stories about how Jesus Montero could compete for the catching role in Spring Training. The Cliff Lee watch continues.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gold Glovers Share their Words

As was reported yesterday, three Yankee players won gold gloves. They have all released statements through the Yankees largely speaking of how honored they are to receive this award. We at the RJG were able to intercept the original statements from the players that were later edited and released by the Yankees. Below you can see the pre-edited and edited versions of the statements:

Mark Teixeira

Pre-Edit: "My defense is untouchable. I'm an autobot!"

Edit: “As a player who works very hard on defense, it is an honor to win my fourth Gold Glove. I am blessed to play with great teammates, and it’s special to share this achievement with Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter.”

Robinson Cano

Pre-Edit: "Two years ago some of you said that I was lazy and had no hustle. I dedicate the middle finger of this gold glove to all of you. Bring back Melky!"

Edit: “Winning the Gold Glove Award along with my teammates Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter is an honor. It’s a great feeling to be recognized by managers and coaches for my defensive skills. This is an award I’ve worked for since becoming a Major Leaguer and will continue to do so each season.”

Derek Jeter

Pre-edit: "It is a tremendous honor to receive the Gold Glove Award, especially since this recognition comes from managers and coaches for whom I have a great deal of respect. It is particularly gratifying to be recognized for defense, as it is something I take a lot of pride in and am constantly working to improve.”

Edit: "It is a tremendous honor to receive the Gold Glove Award, especially since this recognition comes from managers and coaches for whom I have a great deal of respect. It is particularly gratifying to be recognized for defense, as it is something I take a lot of pride in and am constantly working to improve.”

No one dares edit Jeter's statements.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bring That to the Negotiation Table

It looks like Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and first timer Robinson Cano have all won gold gloves. For Cano, its his first and shows just how much he's grown in his defense. For Jeter, it gives some extra ammo to his side of the contract negotiation. For us fans, let us just be grateful for the three gold glove winners in our midst.

I'm Mad and You Should Be Too

So the Yankees "wasted no time" and contacted Cliff Lee's agent already. Already! Wow! Let's all be so impressed! The Yankees called Lee's agent, Darek B, to let him know they were interested. Interested. The team with seemingly limitless financial resources is interested in the top free agent pitcher that they just happened to have almost traded one of their most coveted prospects for just a few months ago. Interested.

Really? You called to say you're interested? If I was Darek B I'd be pissed that you wasted my cellphone minutes. The Yankees have not made an offer yet because apparently targeting a guy in free agency from late July simply isn't enough time to come up with some sort of year/dollar figure. WTF has Bronny been doing since July? Diligently scouring the waver wire market? There's no reason the Yankees shouldn't have had a number ready by now. They're just wasting time. That would be fine if something else was going on, but there isn't. The most exciting baseball news recently is that Joe Morgan won't be doing ESPN baseball broadcasts anymore.

Okay, I admit, that's big news. But I can't drunkenly celebrate it, because eventually people start asking questions about your motivations for drinking. The Yankees could've at least made an insulting offer and then said, "just kidding." That would be entertaining news and might have held me over until they made their real offer. If the Yanks could have a figure for Sabathia on the first day of free agency, they could have done the same with Lee. Anyone thinking Lee isn't a must get like Sabathia was in 2008 is delirious. We have one reliable pitcher in our rotation right now. Go ask Boston how awesome it was when Lester carried them all the way to third place in the division. Hopefully Pettitte comes back, but we still need Lee if we're serious about a World Series run next year. I think I owe Cash a phone call . . .

Posada Preparing to be a Starter Next Season

Attention has been given to who will be the starting catcher next season. Posada's bat is still a force, but his defense has deteriorated with age. Some have suggested Jesus Montero, or signing a veteran catcher for a year to take over the catching duties, but Posada is preparing to be a starter next season. He's preparing in the off season to have regular catching duty. And that brings me to the question, how do you prepare for a season of regular catching duty? Are there any baseball players out there who could explain what kind of routine a catcher must undergo to prepare for a season? I'd assume squats are involved, and maybe getting hit by small cars is factored in, but I just don't know how you prepare to be squating behind a plate for 9-innings a day almost every single day for 6 months. But that's besides the point. What do you think? Would you pick Posada, Montero, or veteran x for regular catching duties next season?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Ten Things Jeter May Do If He's Not A Yankee

Without a doubt, Derek Jeter will be signed by the Yankees next season, but some have questioned what Derek Jeter would do if he and the Yankees could not work out a deal. This is a fairly comprehensive list of the options available to Jeter should he not re-sign with the Yankees.

1. He could go play for the Giants. They're looking for a shortstop, and they just won a world series. Could Jeter be enticed to go west if a deal is not to be worked out in New York?

2. He could go play for the Japan. There has to be huge endorsement money to be made by moving to Japan. Maybe Jeter's image can make us regain confidence in Toyota made vehicles.

3. Jeter could start his own baseball league in another country. He's made plenty of money. Why not buy a team in Korea and play them into the world series of Korea? Maybe Jeter's image can instill confidence in Kia made vehicles.

4. Jeter could start a baseball team here in New York. Think about it, the Mets were never an appropriate consolation for losing the Dodgers and the Giants. I'm sure baseball will be ready to expand, or a team will be ready to be sold in the near future. Why not move them to New York, and give the city three teams again. Brooklyn, Staten Island, Harlem. I'm sure he can find a place.

5. Jeter could try to invent a fully functioning light saber. Its about time someone did. I suspect that the fact that there's no real functional purpose for a light saber has kept scientists from investing too many resources into building one, but Jeter could change that.

6. Jeter could become an actor. I never saw The Other Guys, but I don't have to to know that Jeter has movie star looks, and has had several movie star girlfriends.

7. Jeter could invent a new baseball bat, weighted perfectly for the opposite field swing. He can then use this bat to smash Cashman's car for not making a deal work out.

8. Jeter could turn his attention from baseball to his other life passion: womanizing. But considering that his success in the latter pursuit was heavily tied to his success in the former, it may not be a good plan for him.

9. He could join former Yankee Bernie Williams on tour.

10. We could just respect his gangster.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who Will Our Catcher Be in 2011?

It seems predetermined that Posada's days as our regular catcher are over. Cervelli will not be trusted to replace him in the line-up and thus there is a question of who our new starting catcher will be. It is being widely reported that many in the Yankees organization believe Montero is ready. The only thing about that is, he's not. He's played in, if I'm not mistaken, exactly zero major league games and is still learning to catch. The Yankees are really going to trust their entire pitching staff to him? Romine is considered a better catching prospect but has yet to graduate to AAA. A name I've been seeing a lot recently is Toronto catcher John Buck. Buck had a "breakout" season in 2010, which means he played better than the year before. Buck could be the guy if he's willing to accept a 1-2 year deal. But he broke out, so he may be looking for more job security. The other option is Posada himself, but that's not happening. Bronny Cash will have to find someone to play in place of Posada, and Buck may be the best option available. That said, this speculation strikes me as really sudden. What might Bronny have up his sleeve? Only time will tell.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What About My Dream?

In this time of quiet news in the baseball world it was announced that former Yankee pitcher Dan Giese has retired. This announcement would seem to suggest that he will not be available as a free agent this offseason. He says that all he wanted to do was face one batter in the big leagues, but he was able to do more than that. He pitched for the Yankees in 2008 and pitched for Oakland in 2009 before he needed the good Ole' Tom's surgery. I always liked him as a releiver, but he was with the Yankees in the wrong year. For next year, we're likely going to have to look at some releif options, and the truth is, unless its a closer, we need to stop giving releivers multi-year contracts. Consider these multi-year gems Cashman signed:

Damaso Marte - 3 years. $12 million.
Kyle Farnsworth - 3 years. $17 million.

Kerry Wood is an intriguing option, but for what he could get from other teams, I would leave him alone.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sign an Outfielder or Let it Ride?

One of the looming questions this off season is that of free agents Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford. The Yankees managed fairly well with outfielders Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, and Brett Gardner, but the idea of having an elite player at every position has always appealed to the Yankees, and both Crawford and Werth could fill that role. I for one have enjoyed having Brett Gardner, who is cheap, productive, and fast. But the idea of signing an outfielder could appeal to some. So what do you think? Stick with Gardner or sign either Crawford or Werth?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exclusivity Window and WTF Moment

I hate the exclusivity window. I know it's only five days this year, but I still hate it. I don't want to wait four more days before we can start making ridiculous contract offers to players who will be entirely too old for the last few years of their contracts. Besides, there's already a built in exclusivity window in Major League Baseball. It's called the Regular Season. You want to keep a player real bad? Sign him to an extension during the Regular Season. Not sure you want to risk him getting hurt or diminishing in skills? Fair enough, sign him to an extension in September. Late September. Otherwise, go #@$% yourself.

Now, I just came across this bit of news at The White Sox have resigned Omar Vizquel, who will turn 44 next April, to a one year deal. How is this guy still playing? I have a feeling I'm going to be in a hospital one day awaiting a knee replacement or in need of hip surgery or suffering from osteoporosis and be reading about Vizquel's latest multi-year extension. The crazy thing isn't that he's still playing at age 44. The crazy thing is that he's still playing pretty well. The guy hit .276 last year. Derek Jeter couldn't manage to hit .271, but Vizquel, now in need of regular invasive prostate exams, hit .276. WTF?!

Cliff Lee Watch

The Rangers are busy scrambling to put together an offer Cliff Lee can't refuse. In five days Lee will be a free agent, so they have no time to waste. Problem is, the Rangers don't have "can't refuse" money. They have Rangers money, which is to say, they have money they owe A-Rod. At this point, the Rangers are better off using any extra money that have to signing Hamilton and Cruz to extensions (I don't know anything about what sorts of contracts those guys have, so that suggestion might not make any sense).

In New York, or Tampa, Cashman should be getting a budget of just how much he has to spend on Jeter, Rivera, Cliff Lee, and maybe, just maybe, Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. They have track records. Now, there is no way to know for sure what that budget is, but it is safe to say that it will raise calls for a salary cap once more. In fact, this could be the year the Yankees break Baseball.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, Cliff Lee's wife is complaining about Yankees fans and dropping subtle hints like, "It's so nice living close to home." This enrages Cliff Lee, a proud man. A man who throws a ball for a living. A man who throws hard. Lee is calling his agent, saying he will not accept any offer from Texas, no matter how ridiculous. Gotta love the institution of marriage.

Monday, November 1, 2010

World Series Update

I was without internet the past couple days because BT (British Telecom) has awful, just awful service. If you ever move to the UK, avoid them at all costs (though sometimes you won't have a choice).

Anyway, the Giants have since taken a 3-1 lead in the World Series. That's good for those of us who plan to pitch Sabathia and Lee in the first two games of next year's World Series. Hopefully, if we sign Lee, Pettitte will decide to come back for one more year. They should probably ask him to do a part year contract, even if he doesn't ask for it. Otherwise he's asking for it. And by 'it' I mean a groin or other nagging injury. Once upon a time, he could just HGH that up and get back out there. That sort of thing is frowned upon now, so a part year contract should be on the table.

Today the Yankees decide how ostentatiously rich to be this off-season. My guess? Very.