Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justin Duchscherer

Over at Britt's Bird Watch there are some interesting quotes from Justin Duchscherer who is going to be throwing a bullpen session for the Orioles on Friday. He basically says that he's not concerned about being overwhelmed in New York, his main issue is that he wants to start and wants a team who will pretty much guarantee that he'll be a starter if he's healthy. I don't know what the Yankees are waiting for as I can't imagine his contract will be too expensive. When our direct competition is the Orioles, Nationals, Pirates, and Indians for his services I think we can offer the most appealing package. I would much rather have the Yankees over pay for Duchscherer than sign Soriano, but now that we have Soriano, we might as well get one of those incentive packed contracts ready and see what Duchscherer can do!


Rich Mahogany said...

I'm not sure what's going on here. It's like Lee's signing with the Phillies sent them into denial about the rotation. First they gave Soriano his ridiculous deal. This was like needing to buy a car to get to work and buying a yacht instead. Now they're sitting on their hands when it comes to starters even though it seems they should be snatching up any high-upside guy available. I have to hope that the Yankees have done their homework on Duchscherer and have a good reason not to pursue him (such as a concern about his health).

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, that's a great way of putting it, only instead of buying a car its more like they bought an air conditioner. And not a cheap one, but one that converts sunlight into Tang! It sounds cool, but the novelty wears off when you remember that Tang tastes like crap.