Friday, February 24, 2012

Jones Looking for Someone's Playing Time

In this blog post by Joel Sherman, it is reported that Andruw Jones spent 5 weeks at A-Rod's place as the two of them endured a boot camp aimed at getting them ready for the year. The sentiment is that they both want to prove that they can still perform at a high level, with Jones going as far to say that he wants to take someone's job in the field. Without a doubt, a high performing Andruw Jones and Alex Rodriguez would be a welcome sight. But it doesn't matter what they do in the weeks leading up to spring training, it matters what they do throughout the 162 regular season games and beyond. What has hindered both these guys over the last few years have been injuries. Well, injuries and quiting on your team (Jones with the Dodgers). And I suspect that will be the biggest factor for this season. A healthy A-Rod with regular rest could hit 30 homeruns, and a healthy Jones could probably hit a couple doubles, but I'm just not willing to put the hope of the offense on those two players just yet. I am however looking right at Granderson and Cano.

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Anonymous said...

Granderson and Cano just need to get comfortable hitting well when it counts. Who do you think have a better chance at that, Granderson or Cano? How about Texeira?