Monday, March 25, 2013

Vernon Wells Coming to Yankees

The big news from this weekend is that Vernon Wells is coming over to the Yankees.  The Yankees will cover $13 million of the remaining $42 million on his contract, and the Yankees intend to pay most of that $13 million this year so it doesn't impact the 2014 payroll goal.  Vernon Wells could be productive if healthy, but inevitably health has been a problem for him.  As a temporary offensive replacement for Granderson, he should cover fine.  If we were relying on him to be an everyday outfielder for the next couple seasons, we would be in trouble.  The Yankees also added Chien Ming Wang to their triple A rotation.  We are a week away from opening day, and it'll be very interesting to see what the Yankees do with their combination of bench players.  I am still of the mindset that if the Yankees hope to get under the $189 million payroll in 2014, they will want to give some of their prospects major league experience now, in hopes that they can take a starting position next season.  For this reason, giving Ronnier Mustelier a chance to play is probably a good idea.  He's hit well this spring, and has earned the spot.  Choosing a major league veteran with no future with the team over a prospect doesn't make sense at this stage.


Rich Mahogany said...

It's hard to believe Vernon Wells has been traded twice. I never understood why the Angels got him in the first place. I can at least understand why the Yankees got him - the team's lack of depth and the salary structuring thing - but still, this is Vernon Wells. He is not a good baseball player.

So to recap what the Yankees have done in the OF:

They rejected the more expensive, but quality options (Swisher and Bourn)

They apparently rejected the cheapest options with some upside (Mustelier, Mesa)

They gave two-year deals to mid-priced players who are likely to be mediocre or worse (Ichiro, Wells)


Fernando Alejandro said...

Well, I think this confirms what we've always known: the Yankees know the meaning of money, but not the meaning of value.

Rich Mahogany said...

Well put.