Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Pitching Might Not Suck

Sorry folks, I recently started writing for a newspaper in Maryland and I haven't had much time to update this blog, my once favored but now seriously neglected child. It's not that I stopped caring, it's just that I stopped paying for its food, clothing, and shelter. There's a difference.

But as the regular season is almost upon us, it is time to show up unannounced and expect to spend time with all of you again. To that end: I actually think we may have a pitching staff.

Hughes is gone, so that tremendously improves us over last year. Pineda looks like he'll pan out, as does Tanaka. CC may have figured out how to pitch with a high 80s fastball, and Kuroda is Kuroda. If he doesn't have to carry the pitching staff by himself for the first half of this year, he may even be fresh down the stretch.

While the offense has a lot of age related concerns, I think we have enough to put together a compelling season. Especially if the pitching shows up, which they should since they get paid to be here.

If the pitching doesn't pan out however, and the veterans don't hit, the Knicks just hired Phil Jackson and the Nets are playoff bound. Go Knicks and/or Nets!

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