Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yanks Take Series from Angels

The Good

There is still good in them. The Yankees that is. Jeter hit a home run, the same thing he did back when he was in his 20s, so we can assume a return to prime form. Nuno gave us a quality start, going 6.1 with only one earned. Betances continues to be tall.

The Bad

We scored nine runs but only hit one home run. In the shift-ball era, that is not a recipe for success. All balls must be hit 500 feet and in the air. Or else.

The Ugly

According to Mariano Rivera's autobiography written by somebody else, Dustin Pedroia is the greatest baseball player that ever lived. Better than Cano, Rivera, Jeter, Mays, DiMaggio, et cetera.

Who's on First

No one. Because we're talking about home runs fool! Jeter hit one. But only one. Why hasn't he been dropped in the order yet?! It's like they respect his gangster or something.

Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Alfonso Soriano 5hr = $10
Kelly Johnson 4hr = $8
Carlos Beltran 5hr = $10
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 4hr = $8
Yangervis Solarte 1hr = $2
Mark Teixeira 5 hr = $10
John Ryan Murphy 1hr = $2
Jacoby Ellsubry 1hr = $2
Brian Roberts 1hr = $2
Derek Jeter 1hr = $2

Total 33hr = $56


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Unknown said...

Yeah, allegedly Mo said that he'd prefer to have Pedroia on his team over Cano, because of Pedroia's drive. I respect Pedroia, but I'd still pick Cano to be on my team.

Korean Cartman said...

It was actually written by Pedroia's mother.

Fernando Alejandro said...

She is a regular contributor to the blog.