Monday, July 21, 2014

Yankees Kick Off Second Half With A Sweep

The Good

It appears the Yankees listened to all those first half critiques, and did something about it.  This weekend, they did something they haven't been able to do all season: they pitched AND hit in the same game.  Ellsbury has seemingly taken the criticisms of not being Cano to heart.  He went 4-4 yesterday, and 2-4 on Friday with a homerun. 

Through two starts, Brendan McCarthy is looking to prove Cashman a genius again.  He went 6 innings of one run ball with 9 strikeouts and this out of a guy who allegedly pitches to contact.  Kuroda went 6.2 innings with 1 unearned run, and Phelps went 6.1 innings with 3 runs (2 earned).  All told, the Yankees pitched well, and hit well enough to take the win.

The Bad

McCann's walk off single yesterday was a popup that fell between two fielders.  It wasn't the heroic hit you dream of, but we'll take it.

The Ugly

Betances gave up a tying homerun yesterday in the 8th inning.  The homerun bloated his ERA to a whopping 1.54.  If the Yankees use the same approach they did with Nova while Phil Hughes was here, then Betances will be sent to Triple A to work on his stuff.

Not Bronx Bombing Yet

Beltran and Ellsbury hit homeruns, but just two over a weekend isn't quite Yankee-like.  For now however, we'll take the wins.

Brett Gardner 8hr = $16
Alfonso Soriano 6hr = $12
Kelly Johnson 6hr = $12
Carlos Beltran 10hr = $20
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 9hr = $18
Yangervis Solarte 6hr = $12
Mark Teixeira 15hr = $30
John Ryan Murphy 1hr = $2
Jacoby Ellsubry 6hr = $12
Brian Roberts 5hr = $10
Derek Jeter 2hr = $4
Zoilo Almonte 1hr = $2
Zelous Wheeler 1hr = $2

Total 77hr = $154


Anonymous said...

It was great to see the Yankees win for a change. It felt like the Ghost of Yankees Past. I only hope you are right and that the teams does get better in the send half of the season. Although we have so many injuries in the rotation, it has been batting what has heard us most. Let's see if they keep it up.

Fernando Alejandro said...

It's true! But then they follow it up with a stupid loss yesterday. They really can't seem to get out of their own way. Here's hoping for a rebound against the Rangers.