Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baseball Is Stupid

Can someone please explain to me why major league teams need such a long window for exclusive negotiation rights with their potential free agents? Are the GMs to busy watching the World Series to realize they should come up with an offer. Does it really take more than a few hours to decide whether you want to try and retain a player and make an offer. The exclusive negotiating rights window should last no more than 5 days, after that any team should be able to make any offer. At most the exclusive negotiating rights window should extend through the end of the GM meetings, that's it. The World Series ends and we have to wait way too long before the hot stove can begin. That's stupid. It's particularly stupid for baseball since it keeps them out of the news.

In other news, if you have a PS3 or XBOX 360 and are considering the new Bond game b/c you are nostalgic for GoldenEye, don't bother. No split screen multiplayer for either system (there is for the Wii though). Only online multiplayer options. It seems that video games are now only for no-real-life gamers with no actual friends to invite over to play games with. If Sony is wondering why the most advanced gaming system ever made has never taken off and has consistently been crushed by Nintendo, they may consider the lack of non-sports multiplayer games. The Wii's success has been built on multiplayer, having your friends over for a good time. The conspicuous absence of that on the PS3 cuts out a large percentage of the market, casual gamers like me. I don't care about beating a game, new games take way too long to beat. I care about beating my friends (or being beat by them) in a social, fun, multiplayer session. Online gaming cannot replace this. Maybe if the game code writers had any friends they'd understand this. If not for it being the best blu-ray player on the market, there is really no reason to own a PS3. I'm quickly regretting my purchase of one. Should've foregone the high definition movies and bought the Wii. Sorry for the rant about PS3, but I'm pissed right now.

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