Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breaking News: Hal Expects Yankees to Sign Free Agents

Hal Steinbrenner spoke with the media recently about the Yankees plans for this winter revealing that they planned to sign free agents. This adds to the growing speculation that the Yankees will in fact be looking to sign free agents. Hal's statements put him in sharp agreement with Brian Cashman who revealed a couple weeks back that the Yankees were looking to sign free agents. It also puts him in agreement with Hank Steinbrenner who also stated that the Yankees would look at free agents. We are still waiting to hear from principal owner George Steinbrenner on the matter, but insiders suspect that he agrees that the Yankees will look at free agents. Although the Yankees cannot yet look at free agents, the growing impression is that the Yankees are likely to look at free agents. Breaking news indeed.

2 comments: said...

There is, indeed, breaking news about Hal over on Confessions of a She-Fan. It just happened. It's unexpected. It's downright amazing. Hal and I are a couple!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Congratulations! I think. Steinbrenners aren't known for their relational expertise.