Monday, November 17, 2008

The Respect Jeter's Gangster Mailbag

We are proud to present our first ever hot stove mailbag. Our inbox gets filled with questions throughout the off season that requires our superior intellect and deep seeded baseball connections to answer. The following are just a few of the hundreds of emails we receive. If we didn't get to yours please do not take it personally.

Who do you think the Yankees should sign after Sabathia? Lowe, Sheets, Burnett, Teixeira or Manny?
-Greg from Colorado

Cashman has expressed the desire to pursue two pitchers this off season and if Sabathia signs he is likely to pursue one of the first three options you mentioned. Sheets I do not think will be offered a deal, but Lowe and Burnett both seem to be on Cashman's radar. The honest truth is that Burnett is fragile, and we are likely stepping into another Pavano. I know some people don't want to believe this, but search deep into your heart of hearts and ask if you really believe Burnett will stay healthy over the course of a 4 year contract, which he is likely to get. Lowe is the best option. That is unless of course Mussina decides he wants to pitch.

Why haven't the Yankees signed Andy Pettitte? Its enraging me to the point that I may do something I don't want to do.
-Thomas from Connecticut

The Yankees have a well documented tradition with Pettitte that begins with them acting like they don't know he's a free agent, and then acting surprised when he signs with another team. But don't worry, this won't happen this time. Pettitte's 1 year salary will likely be determined by how much is given to Sabathia and free agent pitcher X also known as Derek Lowe.

Why did the Yankees trade Rasner to Japan? Isn't this like sending someone to Siberia?
-Jennifer from New York

Its exactly like sending someone to Siberia only they get to play baseball, get treated like stars, and likely get paid more money than they would here in the states. Rasner's 5 something ERA was not going to get him much above the league minimum. In Japan, he's guaranteed $1.2 million with a chance at $3.5 million.

I don't like the Swisher deal.
-Wilson B. from the Dominican Republic.

No one asked you.

Why do you guys always take shots at Carl Pavano? He did his best, and he's been injured. I feel like you guys are just in love Mussina and it blinds you to the love you should have for injured, recovering pitchers like Pavano.
-Parl Cavano from Tampa Bay.

Parl, to be clear, we don't hate Pavano, but you are right when you say that we love Mussina. Mussina's a gamer, and if he would come back, I'd give him whatever contract he wants. I'd prefer Mussina to Lowe or Burnett.

Should the Yankees pursue Manny or not? Is he not the embodiment of everything that opposes the Yankees?
-Jess from New York.

It is my belief that Manny for 2 years would be a great idea for the Yankees. Some may say that he's a selfish whining malcontent who disgraces baseball, but wouldn't you be too if you played for Boston? Oh snap!

Thanks for all the great questions!


Bucky7588 said...

The signing of Lowe concerns me because I remember when he was in Boston how mentally unstable he was, one base hit and he'd lose the entire game. Unless he's improved on that, I'm not too sure about him. said...

I love this mailbag. Much funnier than Pete Abe's, although some of the questions he gets are truly ridiculous.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, I'm not completely sold on Lowe, but I think he could get us 13 wins in each season he pitches. When healthy Burnett can do better, but I just don't see him being healthy.

Bucky7588 said...

The more and more I read coming out of Yankee-land, the I'm confronted by the idea that Bronny is content to have a sub-par outfield. Damon, Melky, and Professor X are definitely less than stellar. And if Melky doesn't work out, our best bet is Gardner...really? I mean, REALLY?

Roberto Alejandro said...

in fairness, Gardner is fast, he can steal a base. a base bucky. He may never draw a walk, or hit the ball out of the infield, but he can steal, and that has to count for something. one time, Gardner struck out, and when the next batter stepped into the batter's box, home plate was gone. they found it in Gardner's locker room. So maybe Melky can't hit more than .220 except when Joe Torre is managing. But we have a great outfield.

TribeGirl said...

PARL CAVANO???? Thanks alot! I LOL'd at that one and spilled my microwaved Chef-Boy-R-Dee Raviolis down the front of my shirt!!!

As for Lowe being unstable in Boston, pointed out Manny was basically unstable, etc. etc. BECAUSE he was in Boston, which is true because he was delightful in Cleveland, so the same reasoning can be applied to Lowe. He'll be fine in NYC - let's sign them both.

raven said...

Derek Lowe?
No way.
I don't like his face and we already have one Derek.
Give me some other pitchers named Catherine Cristina or Apple Juice, please.
And I'm gonna put some extremely serious voodoo on Cash the Bald and Hank the Moron if they don't resigned Dandy Andy ASAP.

Fernando Alejandro said...

No love for Lowe I see. I think I like him more than Burnett because I just don't expect Burnett to stay healthy over the course of a multi-year contract be it 2 years or 50.