Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let Me Think About It

The Yankees have reportedly made an offer in the area of 6 years and $more than you can count to CC Sabbathia. He's currently mulling it over, trying to balance his desire to live on the west coast and hit with his desire to purchase an island in the Mediterranean. If he accepts the Yankees offer, he will lose the chance to hit every fifth day. On the other hand he will be much richer than anyone reading this blog, except for you Alex, you're still the richest. The weather in New York ranges from good to bad over the course of a baseball season. On the other hand, accepting the offer will make Johan Santana cry. I understand CC's agent, Mr. Oh $#!% I'm about to get paid, has to shop the offer around, but I'd be surprised if there is a serious counter. Even if there is, the Yankees will top it, they got it like that. CC has already agreed to sign with the Yankees during a telephone exchange with none other than Mr. Gangster himself, Derek Jeter (this was reported first at RJG, transcript of conversation below), so it's just a matter of time. Further, his boy, White Betemit, is now on the team, which sweetens the pot. Even further, his arch rival, Dominican Swisher, is now on the White Sox, whose southside dreams he will get to crush by pitching in the American League. Further, TribeGirl would love to see him pitching for her second favorite team, since her first favorite team traded him away for a sack of potatoes or something. I give it until Monday, Tuesday at the latest, the same day the Yankees will also be announcing the signing of Derek Lowe and calling Burnett's agent to say "psyche." It's going to be a good Tuesday.


raven said...

The Yankees should ask A-Rod's girl friend to call CC and sing this song to him.
We totally agree that "the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister right".

Roberto Alejandro said...

well, she's certainly living up to those lyrics by hooking up with A-Rod. Nice.

TribeGirl said...

As happy as I am about the CC development ~ must I be taunted with the Madonna/A-Rod disGROSSingness?!?!?! I'm still going with the fantasy that its tabloid fodder, but he's this close to no longer being my BFF!

C'mon CC - sign already!!!!