Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Respect Jeter's Gangster Team's Up With Big Fly Sports

As the economy has taken a turn for the worst the Respect Jeter's Gangster blog has certainly felt the effects. Where most of the economic stimulus plan hopes to create jobs in the green energy and public works sector, it gives little stimulus to the blogging industry. As a result, the RJG blog has teamed up with Big Fly Sports. Big Fly Sports sells a lot of Yankee items, and I mean a lot. I don't think I even finished going through all their pages of Yankee stuff. If you're thinking of buying sports related gifts, give them a look. By going through their page and using the promotional code listed below, you will get free shipping on all items. I'm told that all these sales can help me keep my car for at least one more month, so please do not hesitate to dust off those credit cards and put them to work.

Here's our official Big Fly Sports release:

Only a month until the holidays and you know what that means: spending beyond our reasonable limits! To aid in this, I have a special exclusively for my readers! (BigFlySports) is giving me a special promotional code that will provide free shipping from now until Christmas. They specialize in MLB Merchandise and their Yankees Shop is loaded with great gift ideas. To get the discount, simply enter the promotional code NYYANKS5 and the free shipping will be applied! You gotta love it. The Yankees Comforter Set looks to be great bang for your buck along with some of the Yankees baby products. Take a look and if you find something you like, don't forget to enter NYYANKS5 for your free shipping!

Since I know Brian Cashman, Hank Steinbrenner, Derek Jeter, Bud Selig, and other prominent members of MLB frequent this blog, I expect you all to spend tons of money here and help stimulate the economy of this blog and of Big Fly Sports. You too A-Rod. I know we criticize you to no end, but we do it because we know you have $30 million a year to comfort you. And what better comfort than buying Yankee items to decorate your home(s) with? If you spend $1,000.00 I promise I'll write a sentimental piece that sheds a good light on your hitting with RISP issues. That Yankee comforter set would likely impress Madonna to no end. She probably won't even care that you stopped going to those Kaballah classes. Happy Holidays!


Rob Abruzzese said...

Good luck.

raven said...

I can't believe you'll write something good about A-Rod for an amount as tiny as $1,000.00..
Make it 1000 euros.

raven said...

Things like this make people boo Alex.

Fernando Alejandro said...

You're right Raven, I've sold out, and for a mere $1000. Forget the Euro's, I think I need to shoot for British pounds.

Rob, Thank you!