Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sabbathia Watch II

I hate the speed of baseball. First, GMs apparently need over two weeks after the World Series ends just to figure out which free agents they'd like to retain and make offers. That window finally closes and the Yankees make an offer to CC Sabbathia and now we have to wait for Sabbathia's agent to "shop" the offer around. Does it really take that long to find out no one else is going to offer you $140M. There's only 30 teams in the league. 2 have made offers which leaves 28. How long does it take to leave 28 messages? 30 minutes? Not that Sabbathia's agent is checking with all 28 remaining teams. Is he really gonna call up Baltimore, TB, KC, Florida, Washingon, Houston, Cinnci and any number of other teams that are either not interested or have no money? No, you call the Dodgers, Angels, Mets, probably Boston and the Cubs (they have the money so might as well call even though they're not likely to make an offer). So now we're down to a good 10 minutes of phone calls. The GMs should need no more than one or two days to call back and say either we're not interested, or we're interested to the tune of $X. In conclusion, there's no reason my social life should be paralyzed right now because Sabbathia's agent (whose name I will not bother to learn or look up) needs all sorts of time to find out if five other teams are willing to make him an offer. This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the reported Yankees' offer to Apple Jacks Burnett. What the hell kind of name is Apple Jacks anyway? Not to mention, what the hell?


TribeGirl said...

It's just like the military - "Hurry up and wait!" What a concept. My TV watching life and Perez Hilton website reading is impaired because of this! I mean, I actually had to DVR 90210 (.2) so I wouldn't miss an announcement!

Fernando Alejandro said...

My life has been completely unchanged, but that's because I hit refresh on Pete Abe's site every ten seconds whether I'm expecting news or not. I would like to stop, but I simply can't.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

You should have that checked out bro. that's a serious problem. Robbie Banks out. (That's right Seacrest, I stole your line, what you gonna do about it? That's what I thought.)

Anonymous said...

We need Apple Juice Burnett as the bait to Roy Halladay.
BTW, rumour has it that Sabbathia's agent is considering the 10-year 1000M Euros offer from Bayern Munich.
Ever since their legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn retired, FC Bayern has been trying to find somenoe else to block the goal.
And they believe CC is perfect for the job.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Take that Sabathia.