Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big News In the World.......of Baseball

There have been some allusions to Pavano returning for another season in pinstripes. My guess is that any interest in Pavano by Cashman can be directly attributed to alcohol. Further on the pitching front, Andy Pettitte said he wants to come back. This is good because I think Andy will be having a bounce back kind of year. It also secures our rotation a little bit. In other news, it appears Cashman wants an actual first baseman. What a novel concept. This could revolutionize the game of baseball, and at the forefront of this trend is the New York Yankees.

In other news, the United States has voted in their first African-American president. Whatever you may think of Barack Obama, whether you agree with his ideas or not, whether your Democrat or Republican, you can agree that this is an historic event in this country and shows the incredible progress that this country has made. I wish him the best.


raven said...

Carl the Saviour and "an actual first baseman"? No big furry mascot like the incredibly cute Philly Phanatic or Jason Giambi?
What a shame.

And I wish you all the best in the World, President Obama!

Fernando Alejandro said...

No mascot yet, but anything can happen at the GM meetings.

raven said...

Oh yes, I can't wait to see the Big G dance around the umpires.

raven said...

They should sign the Great Maddux. I'm sure he can teach Alex the Great how to catch infield pop-ups over his head .