Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Burnett Offer in the Works

According to this New York Post article the Yankees are preparing an offer for Burnett that could amount to 5 years and $80 million. If this is the case, the Yankees have officially lost their minds. This contract would be one year and $40 million more than what was offered to Carl Pavano, and with just as high an injury risk. Burnett has been a mess for Toronto. He lasted 135 innings his first season for them, 165 in his second season, and last season went 221 innings for them. Now I know that Burnett isn't a rookie but you have to wonder with someone as brittle as Burnett if jumping their workload by 60 innings will have an adverse effect on future health, and you especially need to wonder this if you're planning on giving him $80 million over 5 years. The Yankees might-could also offer Derek Lowe a contract even after pursuing Burnett. This article speaks highly of Derek Lowe as a near lock to give 200 innings a season even at age 36.

It also appears that there is a disconnect between Pettitte's agent and the Yankees, which might be the reason he hasn't been signed. Pettitte's agent does not believe that his client should take a pay cut from his previous seasons $16 million. I guess $16 million is the going rate for a 14-14 record with a 4.54 ERA in his mind. Take the pay cut Pettitte. I know it may seem insurmountable living off of $10 - $12 million a year, but something tells me you will be okay.

Lastly, in world news, it looks like Somali pirates hijacked an oil tanker holding 2 million barrels of oil. It is a very impressive feat to be sure. The cargo, which is valued in current prices at $100 million is still less than what CC Sabathia has been offered to pitch for the Yankees. This means that if Sabathia wants to, he can buy 2 million barrels of oil and still have $40 million left to build a bunker to hold his 2 million barrels.


Bucky7588 said...

How the fudge did Pedrioa or however you spell his stupid overrated name win MVP? .328 BA, 17HR and 90RBIs are NOT MVP numbers. Okay, maybe the average, but are you telling me no one else had a better year than that? Why must all the sports writers have a...well you know, for the red sox?

Fred Trigger said...

Because the numbers he put up are very valuble for a middle infield position, where having offense is a bonus. He also played plus defense. Not to mention, it was a very weak crop this year anyway. I'm just glad Morneau didnt steal another one, like in 05, when he beat out Captain Intangibles. I hate to say it, but Jeter got robbed that year.

TribeGirl said...

Just to compare, these are the numbers according to MLB.com for 2008. The first number belongs to A-Rod and the second number belongs to this year's MVP, Dustin Pedroia. Now defense also comes into play, which A-Rod also has stellar defense. Many have said Alex had an off year, but let us compare his numbers to this year's "reigning MVP" (cough cough) and then talk to me. Oh yeah, he was also on the DL for 26 days (I think...) Anyway, check them out and have a chuckle next time you boo your superstar. Remember, the first number belongs to Alex, the second number belongs to Pedroia.

HR – 35, 17
RBI – 103, 83
SB – 18, 20
AVG – .302, .326
OBP – .392, .376
SLG – .573, .493


Fernando Alejandro said...

Pedroia won the MVP because he carried his team throughout a tumultuous season, and filled a void left by an injured Ortiz, a lost Manny, and a slumping Lowell. He was the most valuable player on his team, and you could argue that without him they may not have made the playoffs.

A-rod put up better offensive numbers than Pedroia, but few fans would say that A-Rod was the most valuable player on his team let alone the entire league. Last year A-Rod carried the team, this year he wasn't even close.

I agree with the selection. Its not just about offense. If that were the case the only winners would be 3 & 4 hitters. Its about how valuable a player was to their team and their success. To this end, Pedroia was deserving.

TribeGirl said...

Right - I agree ARod shouldn't have won it, I was just taking an opportunity to point out ARods off season was better than this year's MVP's season! If its about numbers and carrying your team, being MOST valuable to your team, Manny would have won it hands down for the NL, since he singlehandedly put the Dodgers in the playoffs, so it's not all about most valuable to your team either. There's obviously a little bit of "I like you" going on from the writers too. I agree with Fred, it was a weak selection this year. I guess I don't know who I would have picked - it's not as clear cut as it has been in past years.

She-Fan said...

tribegirl, I just have to say that I've been enjoying your comments about A-Rod for awhile now. No matter what anyone says about him, you're right there to defend him. That's devotion.....As for the Yankees, I want to know when they're signing CC, when Moose is making his decision, are they picking up Pettitte for another year, is the government bailing out General Motors? How is a person supposed to live with all this uncertainty???????

TribeGirl said...

Well, with all this uncertainty going on, you can count on this:
-I will always love ARod and Manny, although ARod's BFF status is in jeapordy with this whole gross Madonna thing
-Law and Order will NEVER go off the air
-Cleveland sports teams will continue to disappoint me and every other diehard
-Derek Jeter is the most gangster player to have ever stepped foot on a baseball field

Alex H said...

I love A-Rod, don't get me wrong... but last year, i honestly can't think of one time when he hit a homerun and i thought to myself.... man, this guy is clutch, more often than not (with runners on) A-Rod would not come through... best example was a game against the Red Sox in late August... this series would decide our season.

Arod... 0-5... 2ks... 2 GiDP... 7 men LoB... i was at this game... lol. i am not going to lie to you Triblegirl, i booed... and i didnt feel bad about it, still don't.

...maybe i'm expecting too much from A-rod... maybe not, but i still wouldnt want him on any other ball club.

Fans boo their players, it happens, it isn't just Yankee fans

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

one time, I was with A-Rod at this strip club, and he'd just gone 0-6 or something and I was livid, so I was like, "A-Rod, you should totally hook up with Madonna." Yep, I ruined his marriage. Maybe he should try hitting in the clutch next time.

TribeGirl said...


Fernando Alejandro said...

It was a weak selection, but Manny's chances were brought down by the fact that he came to the Dodgers late, and because he left Boston the way he did. Also, you're right, the writers need to like you.

A-Rod's off years are better than 90% of the league's good years. I agree with that. I like A-Rod, but what drives me nuts is how he gets in his head when he's in a do or die situation. I think that's what separates incredibly good hitters like A-Rod from incredibly good hitters like Manny, Ortiz, or Pujols. Its sad because A-Rod is such a talented hitter, but if you're a manager, and the game is on the line, and your options are sending up A-Rod or one of the other guys, you would probably pick one of those other guys. But A-Rod needs to know that we boo because we love.

And I also agree that Jeter is the most gangster player there is.

Anonymous said...

Pedrioa won because he's Big Brown's jockey.
That's what Ozzie believes.
And it's always fun to believe what Ozzie says.