Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Not Sure How to Feel About This

It looks like Andy Pettitte is a starter of last resort for the Yanks. One would think they could have easily signed him to a one year deal by now if they were interested, but every indication is that they haven't even begun talking with him yet. Considering that Hank has stated publicly that the Yanks intend to make offers to three other free agent starters it seems Pettitte is not a high priority for the Yanks and that they feel like they can do without him next year.

My issue is that a one year deal to Pettitte makes more sense for the Yankees long term development plans. If you have Sabbathia for the next six years, Lowe for the next three or four, and Burnett for the next three or four, where do Hughes and Kennedy and any other pitching prospect fit in? There's only a spot if someone gets hurt. Why then didn't we trade these kids for Santana. With Wang and Joba already locked in, signing three more starters means Hughes will not be starting for us any time soon. Maybe he needs three more years to develop, but it would seem they've abandoned the idea of either Hughes and Kennedy pitching in the Major Leagues effectively and as front line starters. Does signing three free agent starters mean we've given up on these kids? Have we given up on Pettite? If so, are either of these moves particularly smart?


TribeGirl said...

I've kinda given up on Petitte as far as the Yankees are concerned..I think he's a last resort for the Yankees only if they need to fill a fifth spot.

On the other hand, I'm still holding out hope for a Manny signing. One can dream right? Manny can get ARod away from GROSS Madonna and get him back near normal women/strippers, the Tribe will be healthy again, and both of my teams will have a much better year in 2009!!

Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm getting more and more sold on Manny as a Yankee as long as its no more than 2 guaranteed years.

raven said...

My Fearless Prediction:
Moose joins Jamie Moyer to pitch for the Phillies.
Dandy reunites with Mr. T, Bowa and Donnie Baseball in Dodger blue.
Marky T remains an Angel for the rest of his career.
A-Rod marries Madonna and get divorced by her in a month for failing to reach her expectations.

raven said...

Dandy Andy.