Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Has the A-Rod Moment Passed?

They're still talking about A-Rod. A number of columns and and hours of sports radio coverage today have focused on picking apart A-Rod's mea culpa. What did he say? What didn't he say? What was true and what was a lie? Who cares? He used steroids for three years, get over it. He probably did know what he was taking, but does it matter? He took steroids, we know that. He didn't suggest, as some claim, that he tested positive as a result of a GNC supplement. He simply said that we (as in baseball players generally) were taking all sorts of stuff, some of which you can get over the counter, that today would result in a negative test. He's not going to say what he took, or who he got them from, because that throws someone else under the bus and it isn't important. He admitted the use. I'm sure the press will continue to parse his Gammons' interview, but how much longer can we talk about this? Is it just me or is time to move on?


Ruthie said...

I think a-rods apologie was just that...people gotta take it for what it is. He did his dirt and hopefully he's clean, but he wont do it again and he's ours for the next 9 years... it will prolly get more play beccause of thoese lies he was spitting bout selena going through the window and hunting hm down, and over the counter stuff, but all and all once we start getting visuals from tampa, people will just regard him with low respects or disregard his presecnse completly.obviously your gonna have people who cant let it go, but i'd rather concentrate on how girardi's gonna play with the line up during thoese exhibition games. MOVEING ON PEOPLE.. thats the key.. aint nothing you can do bout it now...he aint retireing over this... thank him for the homers he better get and go back to respecting the true gangsters of the game. the ones who dont buckel under the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Nothing to see here, people. Keep moving.
we're gonna have REAL BASEBALL in just a few days!!

One thing, though. Any casualty of the 60's should be able to relate to a "Here! Try this!" "culture."
That Texas team was a "who's who" of the Juiced Generation.


Fernando Alejandro said...

That's true about Texas, but I'm with yall, let's move on. I'm glad he didn't go the Roger Clemens' route, and now that he didn't, this will all be behind us by next week. It won't be behind him though. I'm sure it'll come up every time he struggles or starts performing well. But that's the bed he made. Then again, after this season, I'm sure all of that will disappear too. Basically, by this time next year, we'll probably be hearing nothing about this.

Fred Trigger said...

honestly, I know you guys love him, but what do you think the NY media would have done if it was Jeter who popped positve for steroids? I think all of their heads would've spontaneously combusted at the same time, because none of them would know what to do. Anyways, I'm with you. I just want to move on from this mess and watch some freaking baseball. I could really care less about steroids. For every AROD and Bonds, you have hundreds of Manny Alexanders and Paxton Crawfords (maybe Izzy Alcantera, as well, anyone remember him? Now that was a ninja.)

TribeGirl said...

I haven't even been able to comment because really I've had nothing to say since I, as his #1 fan on this forum, was devastated. So, now that he sat down with ESPN, I'm ready. He could have just said he did them in '03 and got popped, but he came clean and said he did them his whole time in Texas. Personally, that's what I liked about the interview. Plus, he looked like he was about to cry the whole time, so at least he knows how his fans feel. Plus, this was 6-8 years ago. He's clean now when he's on a team that I love (besides my Tribe). So, bottom line, I still love him and will be his biggest defender and #1 fan on this forum. So that's that. We are still BFFs even though he doesn't know it and every post you guys will have to put up with my two cents about how great he is and how ridiculous NY fans are for booing him.

RSiciliano said...

Look at most guys who have played for Texas in the past 10 years:

Juan Gonzalez
Ivan Rodriguez
Rafael Palmiero
Gabe Kapler
David Segui
Kenny Rogers
Ruben Sierra
Randy Velarde
Ken Caminiti
Kevin Mench
Carl Everett
Shane Spencer
Gary Matthews Jr.
Sammy Sosa

And to a lesser extent..
Hank Blalock
Laynce Nix
Josh Hamilton
Chris Davis

All those guys are meat-heads and most of the top list has been linked to PED's in some form or another. Obviously steriods are and were a HUGE part of the Texas clubhouse, for years and years. I have a hard time believing myself that I would have said no to steroids if I played for Texas between 1997-2005

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its a shame that after all those steroids they still sucked.

Anonymous said...



Rev said...

Ummm ... didn't our boy Mark Teixeira come up with the Texas Rangers .. in 2003?? Should we be concerned?

Anonymous said...

According to Marky boy today "No, sir. I only get high on Life and America."
I think he was at a hospital laying hands on cancer kids and leading them in a 5 mile jog across the lake.
Actually, he said it was a big deal with him not to get involved in that stuff. Which kind of makes you think he knew the opportunity was there.
But I think we're as safe as we can be with him on that score.