Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soriano Apologizes

According to Brian Heyman, Soriano has apologized for leaving yesterday before not talking to reporters. He said he was upset about his performance, and didn't want to talk to the media. He also reportedly said that he'll pitch any inning Girardi wants. I applaud the apology, and applaud Boras and Girardi for telling him he needs to face the media no matter what happens. We'll see if this changes anything.

Heyman says that he didn't find anything unusual about Girardi using Soriano in the 8th, but this is where we disagree. You really don't see something unusual about pitching your setup guy two days in a row, in a non-save situation this early in the season, in the cold northeast, when you just signed him to a 3-year $35 million deal, and he has a history of injury (Shoulder problems early in his career, the Tommy John between 2004-2005, and elbow surgery in 2008 (Source))? Just saying, maybe a little caution would be warranted, and Robertson was available.


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