Sunday, April 3, 2011

Startling Comments During Yankees Post-Game

Losing is never fun. As many games as one may lose, it never gets any easier. Particularly for professional athletes, who only get to where they are because of a fierce, super-human, and generally unhealthy competitiveness. Athletes are however, expected to handle losing with some level of class and perspective. Consider the following, uncharacteristic comments, from one prominent Yankee after today's game.

"All I can do is my job. I did my job today. Hit the ball hard. Hit the ball out of the park. Hughes? He must have had a suck sandwich for breakfast, which infused him with suck. He sucked today. Plain and simple. Maybe next time he'll have a win sandwich. The suck sandwich didn't really work for him today."

Fair enough. That said, tomorrow's game does possess a few interesting elements to look forward to, not the least of which is Ivan Nova's first start of the season. It's exciting to see one of the kids get a chance, and I'm curious to see what he makes of his first big league start. Not that you can judge any pitcher by one start, especially the first start of the season (which is basically extended Spring Training). But if he has a suck sandwich, I hope he likes riding buses because that's what he'll be doing every time Scranton has a road trip.

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