Friday, November 16, 2012

We've Figured Out The Yankees Plan!

If you are looking for insight as to what the Yankees will do this off-season, look no further.  We at the RJG have figured it out.  The Yankees long-term plan looks like this:

2013 - Sign aged veterans to one year deals.
2014 - Sign aged veterans to one year deals again.
2015 - Spend lavishly!

How does this work?  Well basically, the Yankees mandate is to be under $189 million for 2014, and one of their key stars (Cano) is a free agent after next season.  These two points are going to make the Yankees timid about signing any deals into the year 2014.  Once the Yankees have picked up a ton of 1 year players for 2013 at a low cost, these positions will be open for 2014 when the Yankees will likely pick up a bunch of 1 year players at low costs again in addition to signing Cano.  Then in 2015, after two years of mediocrity, the Yankees will strike!  The luxury tax rate will be reset, and they'll be happy to start paying for some big free agents. 

So there you have it.  The long term plan, is short term deals. 


Rich Mahogany said...

I think we missed out on one of those opportunities for a short-term deal.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I think its a sign that they don't want to sign anyone into 2014 in fear that it will make them too inflexible. They don't know what their needs may be after 2013 (ie. Sabathia needs Tommy John (God forbid)). I did the math, and with a payroll of $177 million and with the guys they have signed into 2014, they need to average about $4.4 million for the 21 other players on the roster in 2014.

Rich Mahogany said...

That's very troubling if true.

I agree with Fangraphs that the Jays got a good deal with Melky. They are paying him to be an average OF and there's a good chance he will be significantly better than average. It's not like the benefits from whatever animal's testosterone he took for the last two years will completely disappear.

Melky would have been a great fit. If the Yankees couldn't top the Jays' offer, what is their strategy? Pray for a nonstop stretch of Shane Spencer-esque callups?