Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things To Look Forward To

With the fresh crack of wooden bats at the minor league complex, we have the first sign that spring is in the air.  Not in the northeast mind you.  Up here, we're still digging ourselves out of the most recent snow storm, and have a few more inches coming our way.  But down south, it's time for baseball.  With the advent of spring training, we can now look forward to a month and a half worth of baseless predictions.  So to get the season started early, here is the list of RJG's baseless predictions:

Carlos Beltran - Beltran will hit 30 homeruns.  However, 28 of them will be in the postseason.

Michael Pineda - Pineda returns to form as a power pitcher, only by then he's been traded, because he doesn't fit the Yankees recent team building strategy of investing in older players past their prime. 

Ichiro Suzuki - Traded?  No.  Suzuki becomes Jeter's backup at short revealing his true baseball genius.  Suzuki also reveals that he's been a power hitter all along, but hid it out of fear of making A-Rod feel insecure. 

Derek Jeter - Jeter will win an MVP, a gold glove, and a silver slugger all while leading the team to a championship.  His speech before the first division series game to his teammates will cause hearts to stir, and sets the team on fire.  Beltran, who has hit 2 homeruns all season, is so inspired, that he hits nothing but homeruns for the rest of the postseason.  Jeter's intangible rating goes through the roof.

So there you have it.  Four predictions that give us plenty to look forward to.

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Anonymous said...

And I will be watching. I love baseball!