Friday, May 2, 2008

Betemit Rehabbing Eye Injury

Wilson Betemit was placed on the 15 day DL some time back with what was believed to be pink eye. It turned out to be corneal ulcers. His recovery from such an injury has been grueling, but he continues to make strides.

"When I bat from the right side, my eyes are okay, but when I bat from the left, they start hurting." Explained Betemit. "I've been doing a lot of eye exercises to stregthen the muscles around the cornea, which my doctors say will help stabilize the injury."

Doctors have referred to Betemit's injury as a "mild strain" of the cornea, suffered from trying to track fast moving objects across his plane of vision. Betemit further excarbated the issue by trying to switch hit.

"Baseballs were moving really fast from the right side, then they were moving really fast from the left. Then suddenly there's a curveball in the dirt, and my eyes have to look down really quick. That's when I heard something in my eye snap, and it hurt to look at things."

Betemit tried to play through the injury, but the pain was effecting his play. Yankee officials claim that they never saw a decrease in production from Betemit, but more like a continuation of his lack of production and never suspected an injury.

"We appreciate Betemit trying to play through his injury." Said general manager Brian Cashman. "But I think we can all agree that having Betemit on the DL is better for the team. We don't want him back until he's completely healthy. In fact, he should take a couple weeks after the recovery for mental health. Take a vacation if you will."


michael kei said...

Ha! Continuation of his lack of production. I guess at least he wasn't striking out on one pitch.

Anonymous said...

Could you kindly explain to me how to get striking out on one pitch?