Friday, May 9, 2008

Has Joba Gone Too Far?

I think it's time for the RJG community to address the Joba fist pump situation. I have decided that, on principle, I must be against the fist pump. Honestly, I don't care when Joba fist pumps. But I also know that the main reason I'd like to see Papelbon hit by a bus that I'm driving (and I used to drive a bus) is because of that obnoxious fist pumping celebrating he does every time he gets an out. The mature thing to do would be to just accept that they are kids having fun and letting the game be fun (hell, when I play sports I fist pump all over the place. Make a basket, fist pump. Miss a basket, fist pump. Get a hit, fist pump. Commit flagrant foul or other rule violation, ball spike and fist pump). However, I prefer to keep hating Papelbon and for that reason will take the position that Joba should not fist pump. No matter how you see it when you're own guy does it, the other side hates it. By other side of course, I mean the fans. The opposing players don't seem to care.

There are many perspectives that can be taken on this issue, so let's have them.


Fernando Alejandro said...

My feelings on this matter are reflected in this article:

Unknown said...

it seems... the other day you were writing a paper on some medieval mystic and now you confess that you were a bus driver? hmmm. probably next time you would say you are a lawyer.. then i would be.. but anyway..

i am against fist pumpers if they are either married or shiekhs. they both wear a ring or two or more for a "religious" reason. that is not right. marriage is an unconscious desire to wear some sort of weapon legitimately. so i am more like against married people than against fist pumpers. unconscious human fear is deep. yup.

TribeGirl said...

I love how all these conversations are leading to other great conversations!! This blog ROCKS!!

OK - this is what I put in the last post:
It depends how a player does it. When Joba does it - he's not looking at the player or the other team's bench like "HA!" being a bad sport or a jerk. It's just true emotion, so that's OK. Now John Rocker (remember him?), his was taunting the other team, so I found that offensive and unsportsmanlike.

I think eventually he'll get over the emotion of say....striking out Delucci like he did yesterday. But he didn't fist pump him or the Tribe bench so it was cool. As he matures, he'll grow out of that and be a little cooler about making such kick a$$ plays.

Now Papelbon, he's a HUMPH! Yeah, he's on a couple of my fantasy teams - can't deny he's awesome. But he's a crappy sportsman. Why would you have a media feud with an owner of a rival team? He's another one that needs to shut up and pitch and let his talent do the talking!!! Notice Joba kept his mouth shut and said he just wanted to pitch when the big debate was where should he be pitching - rotation or bullpen. So, I really think he's a true sportsman with just some young emotion not meant to offend or show off and he'll grow out of it with age.

Anonymous said...

i think if he is going to do it do it. i think it brings emotion to his game.. and what tribegirl said in the other article. he isnt showing anyone up.. hes a 21 year old kid. im 19 and if i stuck out a big leaguer then i would probably fist pump too. i think what hes doing is good. we have not had this with the yankees in a long time. and i think its good its like with melky, people say he stares at his homeruns.. personally i dont think he does. i dont think joba's fist pump is offensive. and also as much as i hate the red sox.. which i do alot. i do not find that other guys yelling and fist pump offensive. its part of the game. let them play with emotion

TribeGirl said...

Ku - tell me if I'm wrong, but my mind is soooooo in the gutter on your post!!!!!

Unknown said...

which one? the one i said I am in love with a.j., suppan, and matt kemp? oh and I also named kent. anyway a.j. and suppan are married. if a baby player like matt kemp is also married.. oh men, that is so wrong. my chipper got married when he was 18 or so but he got a divorce for some stripper or something. i like that kinda guy.

Unknown said...

it is just i heard that shiekhs wear rings and bracelets because they become weapons when they are needed to be.. i don't even know if this is true though.. so i am against those weaponers to become fist-pumpuers