Friday, May 9, 2008

When Fist Pumping is Inappropriate

With all the controversy surrounding Joba Chamberlain's fist pumps, much of the sports viewing world has become unsure of when fist pumping is appropriate. As always, the Respect Jeter's Gangster blog has your back. Here are some situations you don't want to pump your fist in:

1) When a girl says she'll go on a date with you.

2) When your wife says dinner with the in laws is canceled.

3) When you finish a six pack by yourself.

4) When you finish your fourth plate at a chinese buffet.

5) When your kids game is rained out, and you can now watch the Yankee game you really wanted to see.

6) When you hear of Pavano's next injury.

7) When your boss calls out sick.

8) When you're a shortstop not named Derek Jeter.

9) When your wifes annoying pet gets hit by a truck.

10) When you switch your car insurance to Geico.

Here are some situations you are allowed to pump your fist in:

1) When the Yankees win.

2) When you finish a final exam.

3) When the cruiser pulls the guy behind you over, even though you were going faster.

4) When you meet Derek Jeter in person.

5) When they pull Igawa out of tonights game.

6) When your rent check doesn't bounce.

7) When you purchase a Respect Jeter's Gangster t-shirt.

8) When your wife says the theater performance you were going to was canceled.

9) When Mariano beats Soria in the Great Earned Run Race.

10) When you finish reading this post.


Fred Trigger said...

Fuck Yeah!! I'm finished!!! (Repeatedly pumping fist)

Unknown said...

ahh don't be so harsh on igawa. he might be marrid but not indian.

TribeGirl said...

Appropriate when the games are about to start! GO YANKS!!!! (AND GO TRIBE!!!)

TribeGirl said...

Gotta be honest though - I don't do the fist pump. Not very feminie. I do something like the Y from the YMCA and then hug the stranger next to me if I'm at a game or a bar. OR, just do the Y or field goal sorta thingie at home. GAME TIME!!!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

don't look now folks, we've got a bullpen (pumps fist as he realizes this). Igawa still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Other situations you are not allowed to pump your fist in:
When Papelbon kills water cooler instead of Julio Lugo.

Other situations you are allowed to pump your fist in:
When Betemit finally caught a ground ball.

Unknown said...

its sad

Fernando Alejandro said...

Tribe girl, next time you're by yourself watching a game and the Yankees win, just let a fist pump go. Trust me. Its amazing.

Raven, I will turn and fist pump if Betemit ever fields his position at a league average level. If he makes a particularly nice play, I might even yell "Yeah!" when I do it.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Did anyone pump their fist when Igawa was pulled out of the game?

Unknown said...


TribeGirl said...

There went my chance to try the fist pump last night...although the Tribe won - it's a Yankee thing. Gotta save it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pump my fist when Igawa was pulled out of the game.
I was too busy shading tears of joy.