Saturday, May 3, 2008

The House That Ruth Built

I was at the stadium for the last three innings of today's game, which was kind of pointless since we got there just as Johnny Damon hit his two run homerun. By the time we sat down the Yanks had a 6-1 lead and it was time to watch assorted relievers try to keep the mariners to four runs or less. I'll say this about Edwar Ramirez, the kid loves to pitch. You may think he's ineffective, walking two batters and all, but he just didn't want the inning to end. If he strikes those guys out, he's in the dugout for the rest of the game. He wanted to pitch and so ensured himself a 40 pitch inning. Give credit where credit is due people, he loves the game.

Was it cold at the stadium? It wasn't so bad, but we were in the upper tier and there was a fair amount of wind, and pigeons. Some poor girl decided to head down the seats after the game instead of taking the stairs, lost her footing and tumbled a few rows. That is a terrible way to end the day at the ball park. She seemed pretty shaken up and as we left she was still surrounded by her friends/family as she stayed sitting where she landed. Hopefully she's okay.

There's not much else to report from the goings on. I think the only bad thing about going to the stadium is as you walk out you inevitably end up behind some guy smoking. If you're a smoker, please realize that just because you're outside doesn't mean you're not an utter nuisance to everyone around you. That's my rant for the day, back to my paper on a medieval mystic.


Anonymous said...

Funny things always happen in the House That Ruth Built.
"...the Yanks' trainer and manager are examining the hand of the team's undefeated ace . . . while all around the Stadium, people are having a jolly old time immersing themselves in the Wave."

This is hilarious!

michael kei said...

Medieval mysticism?! That's gotta be fun.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

oh it is. it most certainly is.