Friday, May 2, 2008

Kennedy Pitches a Gem . . . For the Tigers

So Ian Kennedy did what he does best last night, spare the bullpen from having a day off. I didn't really bother to study the box before writing this but I assume he went something like 3.2 innings with 130 pitches thrown and 9 runs. That's more or less the pattern with Kennedy. It's strategy really, you lull them with a first pitch ball, then you blow a second pitch ball right by them. They never see it coming. Will Kennedy eventually live up to expectations? Well, based on the number 5 guys we've had in the last few years (Wright, Igawa) Kennedy has actually exceeded expectations. He is by far our best 5th starter since that first game Al Leiter pitched against the Red Sox when we signed him to a three week contract in 2005. So if you run into Ian Kennedy, ask him how the Shrivers are doing, and then congratulate him on his fine season thus far.

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